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Digital skills and your career

Many jobs today require digital skills. Even in your everyday life you need some level of digital competency, be it for using mobile phones, computers,… Read More

Harness the power of critical thinking at uni

Throughout your uni career, you will do a lot of critical thinking. This intentional, active process will fuel your reading, writing and group discussions. Read More

Your Library: Contact us – we are here to help

There are many ways you can contact the Library: You can submit a Library help form. Come on campus and visit our friendly Library… Read More

Library tip of the week: How to start that first assignment

Starting your first assignment can feel a bit daunting, but if you need assistance the Library is here to help. If you’re not sure… Read More

Your Library: 24/7 access and how to get access

Are you a night owl who prefers to study late at night? There are three 24/7 spaces on campus where you can study all… Read More

Library tip of the week: Academic Integrity – why it is so important

‘At Griffith University, academic integrity means acting with the values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility in learning.’… Read More

Library tip of the week: Library study skills workshops – what are they and how do I register?

Whether you’re new to university, or an experienced student needing a refresher after the break, the Library’s online workshops are here to help you… Read More

Reading lists – a great place to start your studies.

Reading lists outline the required, recommended or additional reading resources identified by your lecturer for your course in one convenient spot.   … Read More

Library relaxation stations – take a break from your studies

It’s that time of the Trimester, when all you’re thinking about is the assignment that’s due soon and the exam that is fast approaching.                            … Read More

Keep safe: Best car parks when using 24/7 Library spaces

Our 24/7 Library spaces at Nathan and Gold Coast give you a safe space to study whenever you need it. To… Read More

The Library- Belong and connect: Exams are over, rest and recover

Exams are over – you’ve done the hard work and now it’s time to rest, recover and reset!   Relax on the beach,… Read More

The Library – Belong and connect: Safe spaces for everyone

Libraries are a safe space, with a long history of providing a refuge for all types of individuals and groups seeking knowledge. In order… Read More

Looking after yourself in busy periods.

Managing busy periods can be challenging, but it’s important to prioritise self-care to maintain your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Here are some tips… Read More

Belong and Connect: Introducing… Learning Advisers

Do you need assistance with structuring an assignment or learning to write with academic style? Do you want to learn how to manage… Read More

Belong and Connect: Introducing… Digital Capability Advisers

Do you need assistance with formatting your long documents, PowerPoint presentations or Excel spreadsheets? Do you want to learn how to use these tools… Read More

Spaces for everyone

Griffith Library provides a variety of safe and inclusive study spaces across all our six campuses. Whether you’re looking for a silent, quiet… Read More

Your well being – De stress to achieve the best

Your wellbeing – De stress to achieve the best   You have reached the halfway point of Trimester 2, so now… Read More

Belong and Connect: Spotlight on Mt Gravatt and Queensland Conservatorium Libraries

Our campus libraries have been designed to foster a sense of belonging and help you thrive on your academic journey. Continuing our library spotlight… Read More

The Library – Belong and Connect: Digital access for everyone

Everyone belongs in the Library space, and for those who access and interact with the Griffith Library digitally, we have a wide variety of… Read More

Belong and Connect: Spotlight on Gold Coast and Queensland College of Art Libraries

In our campus libraries you’ll find an array of resources, services, and dedicated staff to enhance your university experience. These spaces are… Read More

Belong and Connect: Introducing our Learning and Teaching Librarians

We’re sure you’ve probably heard of librarians, and while you may think that you know what they do, not many (if any) of the… Read More

The Library – Belong and Connect: Spotlight on Logan and Nathan Libraries

At all our campus libraries you’ll find spaces, services and staff to support you at uni. Spaces where you belong and can connect to… Read More

Belong and connect: Introducing the Library team

Our team are your first port of call for any of your Library related queries. Working across our six… Read More

Belong and Connect: Spaces for Everyone

With six libraries across five physical campuses, and a wide variety of digital tools that are available online, the Library truly… Read More

Library tips for 1st year students… from other 1st year students

Your first few weeks at university can be a challenging path, but the Library can be your guide to… Read More

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