Your first few weeks at university can be a challenging path, but the Library can be your guide to navigate the twists and turns along your journey to success at university.   

We have gathered a few tips from last year’s first year students to help you discover the Library’s support and reach your full potential.    

  • Ask us for help:    

When you have a question about the Library or anything related to the university, Ask Us is an excellent starting point.   Take advantage of this resource to get the assistance you need.  

  • Seek expert guidance: 

You can make an appointment to get help with research, assignments or referencing.  You are entitled to up to four consultations per trimester with our experienced Library staff. Book an appointment today using the Help Form.   

  • Attend Library workshops:   

The Library organises online workshops on referencing, research, academic writing and study skills. Don’t miss out on these informative sessions – register for a workshop today.   

  • Place holds on books:  

If a book is located at a different campus or is currently checked out, you can place a hold to have it delivered to your preferred campus or secure your spot in line to borrow it.  

  • Borrowing and referencing: 

Familiarise yourself with the Library’s borrowing system and take home books for further study.  In addition, the Library’s Referencing Guides are a valuable resource for academic writing and research.   

  • 24/7 secure study space:  

The Nathan and Gold Coast campus libraries are open 24/7 allowing you to immerse yourself in a focused academic environment.    

  • Tailored study spaces:  

Quiet study spaces and bookable study spaces cater to your different study needs.  Whether you require complete silence or a collaborative environment, we have a variety of study space for you.   

  • Borrowing a laptop:  

As a research candidate, undergraduate or postgraduate student, you can borrow a laptop from the Library for up to three hours while on campus.  It’s a convenient service that can support your academic needs.  

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