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Culturally respectful library webpage released

This National Reconciliation Week (NRW) 27 May to 3 June, the Library has released our new webpage Culturally respectful library. This year’s NRW’s theme… Read More

Library tip of the week: Exam preparation

Trimester 1 exams are coming up and whether this is your first or last uni exam it can be a stressful time. We’ve compiled… Read More

Did you know that our libraries have world class artworks?

As we near the end of Trimester 1, it may seem like you’re spending all your free time in the Library working on your… Read More

Building skills for your career: Getting the best from social media

Building skills for your career through social media involves leveraging various platforms to enhance your professional development and networking opportunities.  Here are some strategies… Read More

Library services available when and where you need them

The Library has plenty of resources available 24/7 to support your study and research needs. To begin exploring the library’s resources, start on the Library… Read More

Griffith Review 84: Attachment Styles

The attachments we form shape our experience of the world and our understanding of who we are. ‘Hell is other people,’ wrote Jean-Paul Sartre,… Read More

Building skills for your career: Creating a career portfolio

Ever wondered how to effectively showcase your skills, experiences and achievements to potential employers?   A career portfolio, often called an ePortfolio, enables… Read More

De-stress to get the best!

Reducing stress is crucial for optimal studying and academic performance. Here are some effective ways to de-stress and get the best out of your… Read More

Ebooks to support your learning

As a Griffith student you have access to a wide selection of ebooks to support your learning:  Access required and recommended readings… Read More

Labour Day Library Hours

Our libraries at Gold Coast and Nathan campus will continue to provide 24/7 secure study access on the Labour Day public… Read More

Your Library: Spaces for everyone

With six libraries across five physical campuses, and a wide variety of digital spaces available online, the Library… Read More

Library tip of the week: Presentation skills

At uni you might need to deliver a presentation as part of your assessment. This could be an individual or group… Read More

World Intellectual Property Day 26 April

Every year on 26 April, World Intellectual Property Day celebrates the role of intellectual property (IP) rights in encouraging innovation and… Read More

Anzac Day Library Hours

Our libraries at Gold Coast and Nathan campus will continue to provide 24/7 secure study access on the Anzac Day public… Read More

Tips for getting the most out of group work

Group work is a normal part of uni life. It’s a great way to develop your collaboration and communication skills while preparing for the… Read More

Wellbeing: The importance of relaxing and finding time to unwind

Relaxation and unwinding are crucial aspects of student life that often get overlooked amid academic pressures and commitments.  Here’s why taking time to relax… Read More

Polishing your writing and referencing 

Getting started with writing assignments can feel overwhelming but breaking it down into smaller steps can make it more manageable. Here are some tips… Read More

Digital skills and your career

Many jobs today require digital skills. Even in your everyday life you need some level of digital competency, be it for using mobile phones, computers,… Read More

Harness the power of critical thinking at uni

Throughout your uni career, you will do a lot of critical thinking. This intentional, active process will fuel your reading, writing and group discussions. Read More

Your Library: Contact us – we are here to help

There are many ways you can contact the Library: You can submit a Library help form. Come on campus and visit our friendly Library… Read More

Library tip of the week: How to start that first assignment

Starting your first assignment can feel a bit daunting, but if you need assistance the Library is here to help. If you’re not sure… Read More

Easter Public Holiday Hours

Our libraries at Gold Coast and Nathan campus will continue to provide 24/7 secure study access over the Easter long weekend. Read More

Well being – Hints and tips for time management and the uni lifestyle

Managing time effectively in university can be challenging, especially with the many responsibilities and opportunities that come your way. Here are some… Read More

Your Library: 24/7 access and how to get access

Are you a night owl who prefers to study late at night? There are three 24/7 spaces on campus where you can study all… Read More

Library tip of the week: Academic Integrity – why it is so important

‘At Griffith University, academic integrity means acting with the values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility in learning.’… Read More

Harmony day: celebrating diversity and inclusion

Did you know that ‘almost half of Australians have a parent born overseas’? (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2022) Since 1999,… Read More

Wellbeing – Stress is no excuse respectful behaviour is your responsibility

As you navigate the dynamic landscape of university life, you’re likely to encounter a myriad of challenges, both academic and personal. From deadlines and… Read More

Inclusive Futures Book Club: Mary Li

Inclusive Futures: Reimagining Disability invites you to attend an Author Talk event with esteemed guest Mary Li (author of… Read More

Where to start – Reading lists and the catalogue features

Did you know Reading lists can give you direct access to your course readings? Get 24/7 access to required and recommended online readings and discover… Read More

Welcome to the Library – Study spaces for everyone

The Library has the perfect study space for you. Whether you’re looking for a silent, quiet or social space,… Read More

I wish I knew… Tips from experienced students

One of the best places to help you succeed at uni is the Library, but often new students don’t know about… Read More

Repair Cafés – a place to repair and share

In 2023 the Griffith University Repair Café Initiative held six fantastic events where our volunteers and community came together to repair and share. This Trimester… Read More

The Library is your safe and inclusive space

The Library provides a variety of safe and inclusive study spaces across all five of our campuses. Whether you’re looking for a silent, quiet, or… Read More

Did you know we are more than just books?

Starting uni for the first time, you may picture the Library as being a quiet and staid space filled with row after row of… Read More

Welcome to the Library – Meet our friendly staff

Our frontline Library staff are located across all five campuses.  With warm smiles and a wealth of knowledge about the Library’s resources,… Read More

Library tip of the week: Library study skills workshops – what are they and how do I register?

Whether you’re new to university, or an experienced student needing a refresher after the break, the Library’s online workshops are here to help you… Read More

Subscribe to Library Connect to stay on top of the latest Library news

When you’re studying at uni, it can sometimes feel like there’s a lot going on and it can be hard to keep up. … Read More

Reading lists – a great place to start your studies.

Reading lists outline the required, recommended or additional reading resources identified by your lecturer for your course in one convenient spot.   … Read More

Inclusive Futures Book Club: Matt Levy OAM PLY

Inclusive Futures: Reimagining Disability invites you to attend an Author Talk event on disability and resilience, with esteemed guest Matt Levy OAM PLY, Australian… Read More

Help smooth your uni journey by attending a Library workshop

Starting uni can be exciting, but also a little nerve-wracking. And like all great adventures, you might experience a few bumps in the road. Read More

International Mother Language Day: Protecting cultural heritage through multilingual education

Each of the 7,000 languages currently spoken across the globe is a unique, invaluable mode of cultural, spiritual and intellectual expression. When one of… Read More

Griffith Review 83: Past Present

The past, famously, is a foreign country – but in the twenty-first century, it’s one in which we increasingly seek solace. What fuels this… Read More

Attend a workshop for a great start on your university journey

Starting uni can feel like journeying into the unknown, but no matter what you’re studying, there’s plenty of support available.   One of… Read More

Library relaxation stations – take a break from your studies

It’s that time of the Trimester, when all you’re thinking about is the assignment that’s due soon and the exam that is fast approaching.                            … Read More

Keep safe: Best car parks when using 24/7 Library spaces

Our 24/7 Library spaces at Nathan and Gold Coast give you a safe space to study whenever you need it. To… Read More

The holiday season – Service hours and Library access

As we reach the end of 2023, students and staff will be taking a hard-earned break over the holidays to celebrate.  Griffith… Read More

Discover our collection: IBISWorld industry market research, reports and statistics

Need to locate Australian industry information for your next assignment?  IBISWorld‘s industry market research, reports and statistics provide access to… Read More

Supporting your study: Group work

Are you doing a group assignment or presentation this trimester? Not only is group work a great way to get to know your fellow… Read More

Looking after your wellbeing: General hints and tips

Balancing your academic and personal life is no small feat, but with the right mindset and strategies, you can thrive in both areas.  Here… Read More

Strengthen your digital skills and succeed in your studies

As a uni student, you need to master a range of digital skills that can help you succeed in your studies and future career. Read More

What’s the future of academic publishing?

What is the future of academic publishing?  In an environment of paywalls, predatory publishing and a publish or perish approach to funding, what are… Read More

Discover our collection: JoVE visualised experiments

JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments) is a database of science videos for research, teaching and bringing to life cutting-edge experiments.  With thousands… Read More

Supporting your study – Assignment help

It’s week 3 and you may have already started working on assignments, or you might be planning to start soon. If you need assistance… Read More

Put a lid on contamination this National Recycling Week

What Goes Around Comes Around’ is the theme of 2023’s National Recycling Week (13-19 November). This is an annual event that… Read More

Supporting your study – Follow us!

Follow our Library Connect blog to find out everything you need to know about what’s going on at the Library.  You can keep up to… Read More

Jump ahead with Library workshops

You can jump ahead of the pack with your study skills.  Yes, you can feel more confident and leap into your T3 study by taking… Read More

Join our live stream event tomorrow: Candid conversations about Open Access

The Library invites you to celebrate Open Access Week by joining our live streamed panel discussion tomorrow. Register online… Read More

Supporting your study – Reminder for Earlybird workshops

Trimester 3 will start on the 6 November 2023.  That leaves only a couple of days for you to get in quick… Read More

The Library- Belong and connect: Exams are over, rest and recover

Exams are over – you’ve done the hard work and now it’s time to rest, recover and reset!   Relax on the beach,… Read More

Supporting your study – Earlybird workshops

Are you starting university this trimester? Or continuing your studies and looking to enhance your skills? If this is you, spread your wings and… Read More

Open Access Week ‘Community over Commercialisation’: Meet two the Griffith Panel members

Meet two of our panel members for this year’s International Open Access week event – ‘Community over Commercialisation’.   See… Read More

Candid conversations about Open Access: Introducing panel facilitator Leanne Wiseman

Open access week is coming up and to celebrate the Library is hosting a panel discussion of researchers from… Read More

The Library’s published a Textbook: ‘Leading in Health and Social Care’ now available

Source: Griffith University In the spirit of open access to information, Griffith Library in collaboration with authors and editors from across… Read More

Belong and Connect: Good luck with exams

It’s Trimester 2 exam season and Griffith Library has some tips on how hard work and persistence can make that ‘Good luck with exams!’… Read More

Discover our collection: The Bloomsbury Visual Arts Hub

The Bloomsbury Visual Arts Hub brings together all of the Bloomsbury digital visual arts collection into one easy, cross-searchable… Read More

On National Coming Out Day, celebrate the diversity of our coming out (or staying in) stories

National Coming Out Day, observed annually on 11 October, marks the anniversary of the 1987 National March on Washington for Lesbian and… Read More

Study skills for you: How to do your best on exam day 

Trimester 2 exams are nearly here and the Library has some tips to help you do your best on exam day.  Start… Read More

Open Access week event: Community over commercialisation

This year’s International Open Access week theme, ‘Community over Commercialisation’ seeks to encourage a candid conversation about the approaches to open scholarship that prioritise… Read More

The Library – Belong and connect: Safe spaces for everyone

Libraries are a safe space, with a long history of providing a refuge for all types of individuals and groups seeking knowledge. In order… Read More

Library opening hours King’s Birthday 2 October 2023

All Griffith Libraries will be open at reduced hours during the King’s Birthday public holiday on Monday 2 October 2023.   … Read More

Get the resources you need . . . ProQuest, you’re the one that I want

So why choose ProQuest?  Founded in 1938, ProQuest is an online publisher that provides access to thousands of articles, ebooks,… Read More

Start preparing for exam success

It’s Week 10, and that means you’re almost at the finish line. It also means exams are only three weeks away, so now’s the… Read More

Looking after yourself in busy periods.

Managing busy periods can be challenging, but it’s important to prioritise self-care to maintain your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Here are some tips… Read More

International Day of Sign Languages is held on 23 September

The importance of Sign Languages With the International Day of Sign Languages coming up on 23 September, we asked Kelly Shoecraft, an Applied… Read More

Study Skills for you: Building professional communication and digital skills

Professional communication – it isn’t just talking face to face but extends to writing emails, interactions on digital platforms and showcasing your career skills… Read More

Inclusive Education and Women in Academia: Meet Dr Michelle Ronksley-Pavia

‘Education is transformational and can transform not only a student’s life, but the life of their community as well. Every child… Read More

On R U OK? day, start a conversation that could change a life

In any given year in Australia, one in five of us will experience symptoms of mental illness, but 60% will not reach out for… Read More

Belong and Connect: Introducing… Learning Advisers

Do you need assistance with structuring an assignment or learning to write with academic style? Do you want to learn how to manage your… Read More

Study skills for you: Building digital skills- Social media

How are your digital skills? Digital skills are defined as the ability to find, evaluate, use, share and create content using digital devices, such as… Read More

It’s not far – just a hop, skip and a jump to Nearmap!

Nearmap is the global leader in geospatial map technology, noted for its database of high-resolution aerial imagery, typically available within days of… Read More

Belong and Connect: Introducing… Digital Capability Advisers

Do you need assistance with formatting your long documents, PowerPoint presentations or Excel spreadsheets? Do you want to learn how to use these tools… Read More

Study skills for you: tips for presentation success

Presentations are a common part of university life, and mastering this skill is essential. If you’re not sure where to start, check out these… Read More

Nathan Library temporary closure Saturday 9 September 5 am – 3 pm

The Nathan campus library will be temporarily closed due to construction activity in N53 and surrounding buildings affecting the water supply on 9 September… Read More

Griffith Review 81: The Leisure Principle

In 1930, John Maynard Keynes spelt out a vision of impending utopia: work, he said, will become a thing of the… Read More

Spaces for everyone

Griffith Library provides a variety of safe and inclusive study spaces across all our six campuses. Whether you’re looking for a silent, quiet… Read More

Keep track of your searches using library catalogue alerts

Would you like to receive alerts for new results in your saved library catalogue searches? You can now opt-in to receive… Read More

Gold Coast Show Public Holiday Friday 1 September 2023

Friday 1 September is the Gold Coast Show Holiday.  If you are not up to the fun and excitement that is the… Read More

Study Skills for you: Group work

During your academic journey with Griffith, you may encounter a group work assignment. Some people enjoy working collaboratively with others, some are neutral and… Read More

Your well being – De stress to achieve the best

Your wellbeing – De stress to achieve the best   You have reached the halfway point of Trimester 2, so now is… Read More

Belong and Connect: Spotlight on Mt Gravatt and Queensland Conservatorium Libraries

Our campus libraries have been designed to foster a sense of belonging and help you thrive on your academic journey. Continuing our library spotlight… Read More

Extra, extra, extra! Get your news here.

Read all about it! You have access to the latest news from thousands of regional, national and international newspapers and magazines from hundreds of countries. Read More

The Library – Belong and Connect: Digital access for everyone

Everyone belongs in the Library space, and for those who access and interact with the Griffith Library digitally, we have a wide variety of… Read More

24/7 Library Spaces: Tell us what you think!

Our 24/7 Library spaces help you study, collaborate and work on your assignments in a safe space when it suits you… Read More

Let’s Read, Grow and Inspire this Children’s Book Week

Each year, during Children’s Book Week, schools and public libraries across the country celebrate Australian books, authors and illustrators. This year’s… Read More

Reaffirming our commitment this World Humanitarian Day

In the afternoon of 19 August, 2003, a bomb attack on the United Nations headquarters in Iraq killed 22 humanitarian aid workers and injured… Read More

Belong and Connect: Spotlight on Gold Coast and Queensland College of Art Libraries

In our campus libraries you’ll find an array of resources, services, and dedicated staff to enhance your university experience. These spaces are… Read More

Library hours – Ekka Holiday

It’s show time! Here are the upcoming changes to the Library’s opening hours.   Royal Queensland Show- Ekka holiday   Logan-… Read More

Keep Australia Beautiful Week

Keep Australia Beautiful Week 2023    Keep Australia Beautiful Week is held each August to raise awareness… Read More

Study skills for you – Research for assignments

So, you’ve got an assignment coming up, you’ve already read over the task sheet and figured out which type of assignment… Read More

Belong and Connect: Introducing our Learning and Teaching Librarians

We’re sure you’ve probably heard of librarians, and while you may think that you know what they do, not many (if any) of the… Read More

Get the resources you need in the Library Collection: access online resources 24/7

Have you got an assignment coming up? Or are you starting to gather up literature for your confirmation paper? Not to worry! The Library’s… Read More

The Library – Belong and Connect: Spotlight on Logan and Nathan Libraries

At all our campus libraries you’ll find spaces, services and staff to support you at uni. Spaces where you belong and can connect to… Read More

Study Skills for you: Assignments and where to start

 As Trimester 2 begins, you may soon get your first assignment. Whether you’re a first-year student or continuing, it’s always good to review… Read More

Belong and Connect: Well – being starting out

Welcome to the exciting world of university life! Starting university is a significant milestone and marks the beginning of a journey… Read More

Belong and connect: Introducing the Library team

Our team are your first port of call for any of your Library related queries. Working across our six… Read More

Belong and Connect: Spaces for Everyone

With six libraries across five physical campuses, and a wide variety of digital tools that are available online, the Library truly… Read More

Study skills for you: How library workshops can help you reach your goals

The trimester has well and truly begun and now that you’re starting to get settled into your classes it’s time to start working towards… Read More

Library tips for 1st year students… from other 1st year students

Your first few weeks at university can be a challenging path, but the Library can be your guide to… Read More

Visit our Repair Café on the Nathan Campus July 25. 

Griffith University’s Nathan Campus is hosting a Repair Café on the 25th of July from 10 am until 2pm. Here’s what you… Read More

Study Skills for You: Follow Us

Information, information overload!  The world has so much information, so it’s easy to miss out on important and useful resources and services. … Read More

Student Assignment Support Service (SASS)

Griffith Library’s SASS provides eligible students with additional academic support focusing on academic writing and research skills. There are three ways you can access… Read More

Repair Cafe – Call for volunteers

Do you have repair skills?  Griffith University Repair Café is a student-lead initiative to bring life back to broken items. Landfill and… Read More

NAIDOC Week 2023

Running from 2 – 9 July, NAIDOC Week is an opportunity for all Australians to learn about First Peoples cultures and… Read More

Discover key tips to starting your studies — Register for the Earlybird workshops!

Are you ready for Trimester 2?  Are you just starting your studies? Or do you want to brush up on your study skills to… Read More

Dentistry and gender equality in academia: Meet Dr Jane Manakil

Griffith academics can sometimes be found pursuing projects outside of their specialisation. We spoke to one such academic, dentist-turned-lecturer Dr Jane Manakil… Read More

Relax and see you in T2

Exam weeks are the most stressful moments of your student life. Which is why the moment exams are done, it’s time to relax and… Read More

This World Blood Donor Day, give blood to share life

While millions of lives depend on blood transfusions, low and middle-income countries face an acute shortage of safe blood and blood products. Read More

Good luck with your exams!

Exams can be stressful, the Library has some great tips to help you prepare for exams.   Here are a… Read More

Queensland Day Tuesday 6 June 2023

Happy Queensland Day!   On Tuesday 6 June, Queensland Day, we come together to celebrate the natural wonders, vibrant… Read More

Griffith Goes Green! Get involved and become a Student Auditor

To showcase our dedication to the United Nations’ (SDGs), Griffith University is participating in Green Impact for 2023. Green Impact is a global… Read More

Get started – Researching First People topics Library Guide

Do you have a project or an assignment requiring First Peoples research? Are you unsure where to start your search for quality resources. If… Read More

National Reconciliation Week 2023 ‘Be a Voice for Generations’

National Reconciliation Week 27 May – 03 June 2023, Be a Voice for Generations, encourages all Australians to be a voice for… Read More

National Sorry Day 26 May 2023

As part of National Reconciliation week, every year on the 26th of May we remember and acknowledge the mistreatment of Aboriginal and… Read More

Cultural politics and responsiveness in Australian education: meet Dr Greg Vass  

Each month Griffith Library finds out more about a remarkable Griffith researcher. This month we spoke with Dr Greg Vass, a… Read More

Take the pledge to ‘Drive so others survive’ this National Road Safety Week

‘By working together and changing our individual behaviour, we can get everyone home safe to their loved ones, every day, without… Read More

Taking care of yourself is the key to success 

Self-care is often considered a luxury, and when assignments and exams start looming it can be tempting to put it aside to focus completely… Read More

Find your perfect study space

Our libraries offer a range of study spaces to suit your needs.  24/7 access  You can apply for… Read More

How to cite generative AI tools

You may have heard a bit about generative artificial intelligence (AI) software such as ChatGPT in the media recently and how they can be… Read More

Thank you to all mums this Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday and we encourage you to take the opportunity to value and thank all the mums in your lives. Whether… Read More

You don’t need to be Steven Spielberg to create a great video for your uni assignment

If you need to do a video assignment this trimester, the Library’s got you covered with some great tips to help you get started. Read More

Labour Day opening hours

All campus libraries will be open for the Labour Day public holiday on Monday 1 May 2023.   Our friendly staff at Gold… Read More

Welcome to the Library: Build your digital skills

‘Ping!’   Are you savvy with a smartphone? Do you know how to join a Teams meeting, talk with friends and family through… Read More

Working in groups

Working effectively in groups can be challenging, but it’s essential for success academically and professionally. Here are some tips to help you work well in… Read More

Measuring the mental health benefits of nature: meet Dr Ali Chauvenet

Each month Griffith Library finds out more about a remarkable Griffith researcher. This month we spoke with  Dr Ali Chauvenet of… Read More

Anzac Day Public Holiday opening hours

All Griffith Libraries will be open at reduced hours during the ANZAC Day public holiday on Tuesday 25 April.    Campus libraries:… Read More

Welcome to the Library: Starting out with Library guides

Starting at university can be a bit overwhelming when there’s so much information everywhere by everyone all the time. Sometimes that information can be… Read More

Don’t underestimate your power this Earth Day

This Earth Day, 22 April, we are being urged to take up arms against the climate crisis and ‘Invest in Our Planet’ together. This… Read More

Learn all about referencing and academic integrity

Referencing is one of the core elements of academic writing and something you’ll become very familiar with during your studies. But if you’re new to university or it’s been a… Read More

Share your thesis with the world via Griffith Research Online

Your thesis is the culmination of years of hard work and dedication, an original and significant contribution to your field of study. It stands… Read More

Stay well while you study

Now that Trimester 1 is well under way, it is easy to get caught up in due dates and deadlines while rushing from task… Read More

Want tips on improving your assignments?

Editing and proofreading are essential stages of the revision process. The quality of your assignment can greatly improve with the correction of spelling, punctuation… Read More

Find resources for your studies using the Library catalogue

As a student, you are often required to complete assignments and research papers that require additional resources beyond what you learn in class. The… Read More

Take advantage of our Library workshops

Feel more confident with your study skills by taking advantage of the Library’s workshops. These online workshops run throughout the year to support your… Read More

Easter Public Holiday Library hours 2023

Our Library at Gold Coast and Nathan campus will continue to provide 24/7 secure study access over the Easter long weekend. Read More

Celebrating 30 million downloads of Griffith research

Griffith’s research repository Griffith Research Online (GRO) is celebrating its 30 millionth download! Contributing to the global culture of… Read More

Welcome to the library: Tips for writing and editing your assignments

Getting started with writing and editing your university assignments can be a daunting prospect. But if you’re feeling lost, we’re here with a little… Read More

Critical thinking is the key to success

Critical thinking is the process of objectively analysing and evaluating information to form a logical judgment or decision, enabling you to distinguish between facts and… Read More

Note-taking and how to make it work for you

Attending lectures, absorbing information, studying and applying your understanding to assignments is all part of the learning process. But figuring out how to ensure your… Read More

There is a new sensory friendly study space at the Nathan Library

A new sensory friendly study space has opened at the Nathan library. The space can be found on Level 1 of the Library (N53)… Read More

Furthering research into potential new therapies for spinal cord injury – meet Dr Indra Choudhury

Dr Indra Choudhury is a recent PhD graduate, a former HDR representative and one of the Gold Coast’s… Read More

Welcome to The Library: Try our tips for reading effectively

It’s easy to get overwhelmed looking at all the required and recommended readings that you have for your studies, not to mention the research… Read More

Harmony Week: Meet Camilo Lopez – creating harmonious and beautiful music at Voxalis

Harmony Week provides an opportunity to celebrate Australia’s diversity and recognise the things that bring us together.   As part of… Read More

Harmony Week stories of belonging: Meet Clare Burnett

This Harmony Week Library Connect is sharing the stories of people who have joined the Griffith community from overseas.  I’m Clare and… Read More

Harmony Week: Everyone belongs

Harmony Week (20 – 26 March) is a time dedicated to celebrating Australia’s cultural diversity. It is an opportunity to come together… Read More

10 things I wish I’d known about the Library in my first year

The first few weeks at university can be an absolute whirlwind; Finding your way around, meeting new people, joining clubs or sporting teams, making… Read More

Start with the Library catalogue to find resources for your studies and research

Not sure where to start when looking for resources for your studies or research? A great place to start is the Library catalogue. Here you… Read More

National Close the Gap Day

Current estimates from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show the life expectancy of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians remains approximately… Read More

Welcome to the Library: Here to help – Navigating your reading lists

All of your courses have a reading list which helps you to… Read More

Follow us on our social channels to keep with the latest Library news

To find out everything you need to know about what’s going on at the Library, you can follow us on the Library Connect blog,… Read More

Welcome to the Library: Here to Help- Our spaces are inclusive and safe and now have 24/7 Access at NA and GC

Welcome to Trimester 1 at Griffith University. The Library is a welcoming place and a designated safe space for all of our students and… Read More

Introducing Canvas—your new study platform

Griffith University has adopted an exciting new platform for all your learning needs. Learning@Griffith now uses Canvas to bring together your course content, calendar,… Read More

Learn tips for study success by attending a Library workshop

If O-Week has been a bit too hectic, and you haven’t been able to make it to an Earlybird workshop, that’s… Read More

Welcome to the Library! Here to help

Visit our libraries to meet our helpful staff and access our physical collection.  Looking for a place to study? The Library has… Read More

Melding international law and biosciences: Meet Dr Michelle Rourke

Dr Michelle Rourke is a CSIRO Synthetic Biology Research Fellow at Griffith University’s Law Futures Centre. We asked Michelle… Read More

Griffith Review 79: Counterfeit Culture

Treading the tightrope between art and lies, Griffith Review 79: Counterfeit Culture lifts the curtain on fakes, frauds and forgeries. … Read More

Tips for exam preparation

As we head into the Trimester 3 exam period you may be feeling nervous or under pressure to perform well. Thankfully, the Library has… Read More

Take care of your wellbeing this exam season.

Exams and assignments are stressful, but with the proper tools you can reach your academic goals while taking care of your wellbeing.  … Read More

Good news: Resilience and adaptability in the aftermath of Australian Bushfires

After losing his native pepperberry orchard in the New South Wales Southern Tablelands during the 2019 bushfires, Mr Tim Wimborne turned to pasta-making. Dealing… Read More

Looking after your wellbeing as Trimester 3 draws to a close

With exams fast approaching and final assignments coming due, it’s natural to start feeling stressed at this point in the trimester. While these weeks… Read More

Get off to a flying start in 2023 by joining an Earlybird workshop

Be an early bird and get the skills you need to thrive with your studies this year. During these online workshops you will learn… Read More

We wish you a happy and safe holiday 2022

During the holiday break our campus Library services will be closed from Saturday 24 December 2022 to Monday 2 January 2023. We will reopen… Read More

Count down the top of 2022 on Library Connect: #2 – Griffith University: Producing great legal minds for 30 years

As the year draws to an end, we’re counting down the five top Library Connect blog posts from 2022. Library Connect is your one-stop-shop… Read More

Count down the top of 2022 on Library Connect: #3 – Promoting physical activity in adults with mental illness— Meet Dr Justin Chapman

We’re counting down the five most popular Library Connect blog posts from 2022. Library Connect is your one-stop-shop for news about Library services, upcoming… Read More

Count down the top of 2022 on Library Connect: #4 – National Reconciliation Week 2022—Be Brave. Make Change

As end of the year approaches, we’re counting down the five most popular Library Connect blog posts from 2022. Library Connect is your one-stop-shop… Read More

Count down the top of 2022 on Library Connect: #5 – Improving the lives of people with disability—Meet Dr Camila Shirota and Ms Kelsey Chapman

As the year draws to an end, we’re counting down the five top Library Connect blog posts from 2022. Library Connect is your one-stop-shop… Read More

Procrastination: Managing emotions, not time

‘I’ll make a start on my assignment later, when I have more time.’      ‘Once my messages are clear, I’ll… Read More

Good news monthly 

Each month we like to highlight good news stories which have caught our eye. This month, read about a tiny population of endangered marsupials… Read More

New Library opening hours are coming for Nathan and Gold Coast campuses!

From 12 December 2022, new Library opening hours are in effect at our Nathan and Gold Coast campuses. You can now study safely at… Read More

Dignity, freedom and justice for all: Commemorating Human Rights Day

10 December is Human Rights Day, which commemorates the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Read More

Five helpful hints for writing and editing assignments

With due dates approaching, it’s tempting to rush through your final assignments and just get it all done. With our five helpful hints for… Read More

Diving into wellbeing 

As we head towards hot summer days, what other reason do you need to dive into a pool or dip your toes in the… Read More

Preparing for your T3 assignments

It’s time to start thinking about your assignments for Trimester 3, but don’t worry because the Library is here to help.  Understand… Read More

Let’s end violence against women and girls

25 November is International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. This day marks the start of a 16-day campaign… Read More

Pace yourself with study this trimester

As we near the end of the year, it’s important to remember to pace yourself with your studies.  Life is fast-paced but… Read More

Griffith Review 78: A Matter of Taste

Food is more than a matter of taste.    Edited by Dr Carody Culver, Griffith Review 78: A Matter of… Read More

Connect, collaborate & celebrate: Social Inclusion Week 2022

Australia is home to a diverse population from many different cultural backgrounds and with many differing needs. As we go about our lives it… Read More

Find answers to your study or research questions 24/7

What is the difference between a reference list and a bibliography? What is academic integrity?  How… Read More

Explore resources for using survey and interview analysis software

As a Griffith student or researcher, you have access to a variety of popular software packages such as SPSS, Leximancer and NVivo which you… Read More

Good News: Inventor of chicken salt stars in celebrated documentary short film

Inspiration can strike from anywhere, and for the Brisbane-based filmmakers at Film Focus Productions it struck at the dinner table. Inspired by director Jacob… Read More

Remembrance Day—Lest We Forget

At 11 am on 11 November every year, people across the Commonwealth nations, Belgium and France observe a minute’s silence to remember the soldiers… Read More

Welcome to the Library! It’s time to refresh your digital and study skills

Trimester 3 is here, and it’s time to get online, get connected and get started studying at Griffith!  Join an orientation… Read More

Get off to a good start this trimester with Reading Lists and Library Guides

Reading Lists and Library Guides will direct you to an abundance of resources provided by the Library which are directly related to your courses. Read More

Welcome to O-Week! Get to know your Library!

A good way to learn about the various resources, services and spaces the Library has on offer is by exploring our website. Get started… Read More

Super-charge your studies by learning from experience

Do you want to be a more efficient learner and improve your study outcomes?   Before you close the door on the trimester… Read More

Welcome to Library Orientation! Here’s how the Library can help you

We all know that starting university for the first time—or returning to your studies after some time away—can be a bit scary at first. Read More

Join the flock at Trimester 3’s Earlybird workshops

Get off to a flying start by joining the Library’s online Earlybird workshops before the beginning of Trimester 3.    These workshops will… Read More

Find balance during exam time to tame your stress

Exam week is finally here! Although the end of trimester is in sight, pacing yourself and maintaining balance between your life and studies is… Read More

Griffith research supporting climate justice

Whilst conversations around climate change and its impact are part of our everyday lives, potentially less familiar are the conversations around climate justice and… Read More

Look back on what’s new in our digital collection!

With the year racing to a close it’s a good time to look back on all the new or updated digital resources we gained… Read More

Take care of yourself during exam time

It’s natural to feel anxiety and tension around exam time. A healthy degree of these emotions can help you maintain focus, but if you… Read More

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