Libraries are a safe space, with a long history of providing a refuge for all types of individuals and groups seeking knowledge. In order to keep this space safe, patrons are encouraged to reflect and respect the library’s values. We understand that life and your academic studies can be stressful, but it is everyone’s responsibility to make the library a positive and safe space. 


So what do Griffith Library spaces provide? 

Supportive staff  – Library staff are on-hand to help with your learning and researching needs as well as directing you to Griffith support services such as computing support, health and wellbeing and personal support. 

Physical safety – Behaviour policies are enforced by staff to ensure everyone is protected including for marginalised groups such as LGBTQIA+ 

Diverse resources – A diverse collection provides objectivity in the pursuit of knowledge and allows individuals to authentically learn about themselves and the world around them. 

Physical accessibility – Accommodating accessibility to the space and inclusivity in our resources is a core component of library work. 

Welcoming and adaptable space – 24/7 spaces, social study spaces, quiet study spaces and bookable rooms are designed for everyone’s unique needs. 


How can you support the library in creating a safe environment? 

Supportive staff– Reach out to the Griffith’s counsellors and student support staff if you are having difficulties. You can book a private study room if you need to have an online session. Get library help from our staff, chat with them on-line or book a consultation with a librarian if you are havinge research difficulties.  

Physical safety – Inform staff or make a report on dangerous spaces or situations. 

Diverse resources – Understand the library has a variety of resources in order to share different viewpoints even if you personally disagree.  

Physical accessibility – Use facilities appropriate for you, keep disabled toilets free for those who need them. 

Welcoming and adaptable space – Work in the area appropriate to your studies. If you’re with a group it’s best to stay in the social study spaces or book a room. Be aware and mindful of your fellow patrons around you. Griffith Libraries are open to the general public but 24/7 secure study spaces are only available to current Griffith students.  

Griffith Libraries are here to help our communities and embrace our role as a safe space to meet all of our patrons’ needs. 


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