Your wellbeing – De stress to achieve the best  

You have reached the halfway point of Trimester 2, so now is the time to reflect upon your achievements so far.  No doubt you have found some challenges in your studies, but it’s important to make sure you are prioritising your wellbeing and adopting some effective strategies to deal with stress. 

Make healthy lifestyle choices 

Physical and mental wellbeing are linked.  Engaging in regular exercise, maintaining a balanced diet and getting adequate sleep are critical in reducing stress. 

Adopt mindfulness and relaxation techniques 

Practice meditation, deep breathing or yoga. These simple actions can work wonders for stress reduction. 

Set yourself realistic goals  

Establishing achievable goals both academically and personally is crucial to helping make sure you acknowledge each of your achievements along the way. One way to help you achieve this is to get help from a library specialist They can help you with referencing, finding articles and information for your assessments, improving your writing skills and structuring your assignments. 

Establish a support network  

Open communication with friends and mentors can help reduce any feelings of isolation and contribute to developing meaningful connections with your peers, academic staff and support staff.  

Take up a hobby or play a sport 

Activities like painting, playing music or joining a sports team all help as a healthy distraction from stressors and study pressure. 

Seek help when needed  

For support with your mental or physical wellbeing, check out the Online Health and Wellness Centre. Whether you’re dealing with stress or anxiety, kicking unhealthy habits or just want personal  support, the Online Health and Wellness Centre can direct you to resources and services for the help you need.  

And don’t forget the Library offers self-help resources to help you get the best from your study from developing study skills to exam preparation and more. 

Griffith University supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals   

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