A Diffractive Analysis of Multilingualism in Early Childhood Education Language Policy in Australia

At GIER, we embrace and value the collaborative efforts of our members. This week’s blog has been written by two of our PhD students, Sammanie… Read More

AARE 2023- PhD students’ experience

Last week, many GIER members attended the AARE 2023 conference in beautiful Melbourne. We, GIER, are very excited about supporting every GIER member, specially our… Read More

Highlights from the 2023 School of Education Postgraduate Research Conference

On Saturday 17th of September, many of our PhD students attended and participated in the School of Education Postgraduate Research Conference 2023 held at the… Read More

Not in the curriculum: How cabin crew develop their identity in training and workplace

  Welcome to the second video of this series of videos, where our HDR students and members speak about their research in their first language. Read More

Ethnolinguistic identity construction- Get to know Areej Yousef’s research project

At GIER, we are very proud to be a diverse, multilinguistic and multicultural community. To highlight this, we are introducing a series of… Read More

“Nothing about us, without us”

Dr Kate Simpson is part of the multi-disciplinary team of researchers in the Autism Centre of Excellence (ACE).  The key focus on this team’s work… Read More

HDR morning tea and Art activity

On Tuesday 28th of February, the Mount Gravatt HDR students were treated to a morning tea with a unique component. Supported by a delicious range… Read More

Doctoral students’ collaborative practices in developing writer identities

Finding and developing meaningful connection with others is an essential part of our human journey. Community is important not only on a personal level but also influences our professional lives. However, the human element of educational research tends to get lost in negotiating the protocols of the academic institution. Two GIER doctoral students are breaking this mould, with their compelling auto-ethnography publication “Doctoral students’ collaborative practices in developing writer identities.” Read More

Meet Dr Sorrel Penn-Edwards

Dr Sorrel Penn-Edwards has a diverse and rich background of experiences in the sciences, arts and theatre that she brings to teaching and learning in higher education.   Read More

Meet Professor Parlo Singh

Professor Parlo Singh has dedicated her career to working in the field of primary schooling, particularly working with schools serving culturally and linguistically diverse communities in areas of high socio-economic poverty.  She sees schooling institutions as pivotal in disrupting intergenerational cycles of poverty.   Read More

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