On Tuesday 28th of February, the Mount Gravatt HDR students were treated to a morning tea with a unique component. Supported by a delicious range of savoury pastries and goodies, they performed an art activity designed to represent their work visually. Katie Wilshire – artist, art teacher and MEPS candidate – was the facilitator on the day.







The edible part of the morning saw HDR students sharing morning tea with Associate Professor Jeanne Allen in the Mount Gravatt HDR hub. It was a remarkable opportunity to update each other on their lives, discuss their research interests and getting to know two new students – Lucy and Sammanie.


The drawing session involved three stages: drawing a vase and its flowers without lifting the pen; drawing a basket with stuffed animals using patterns (e.g., dots, lines and crosshatches); and finally, drawing something that represented their research projects and explaining the symbolism to the group. HDR students were able to frame their art pieces – the efforts now decorate various desks in the hub. You can always pass by the HDR hub and see HDR students’ mementos. Some of the beautiful drawings can be observed in the following photos.

This activity was organised by the HDR representative Areej Yousef and funded by the GIER. Areej kindly arranged everything so all students could enjoy the whole drawing and sharing experience. Thank you, Areej, for brightening our day (and our desks).