The Griffith Institute for Educational Research (GIER) is an interdisciplinary coalition of researchers working to ensure that the benefits of educational and learning opportunities—wherever they take place, whenever they occur—can flow equitably to all members of our society. Focusing on the needs of diverse learners in diverse contexts, our research enables democratic, equitable, sustainable futures, and impacts directly on the quality and dignity of peoples’ lives.   

Photo by Priscilla Gyamfi via UnsplashOur Motivation

Education—in all its forms and contexts—is central to personal, social, economic, and political freedom, but the benefits of education do not flow equitably to all people.  Variables such as gender, age, geographical location, sexual identity, socio-economic status, neurodiversity, cultural background, race, ability, disability, religion, and First Nations’ identities intersect to create patterns of risk or disadvantage that have life long and life wide consequences.  These risks cannot be overcome by good intentions, aspirational targets or optimistic slogans.

Change requires deliberate, purposeful and research based educational action that make explicit the factors that enable or constrain education learning, and then use this research to conceptualise and sustain genuine change. Leading this transformative work is our fundamental purpose. 

Our Research Priorities 

All GIER research is values driven. 

We understand the power and transformative potential of education and learning. 

We care for people and defend their right to benefit from the full range of educational and learning opportunities available within a society. 

We connect people to empowering opportunities to learn. 

We generate new knowledge to ensure that the benefits of learning are genuinely available to diverse people in diverse contexts. 

The Institute’s research is framed around the following focus area that address key educational challenges:

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