‘Doing School Differently’ 2022 is the pre-eminent Australian conference for all those committed to developing and sustaining alternative educational opportunities and pathways for young people experiencing barriers to education. The work showcased at this year’s conference is very relevant to the ARC Linkage project currently underway, “Who teaches in flexible and non-traditional schools in Australia?” 

In this podcast interview, Associate Professor Glenda McGregor, as the lead Chief Investigator on this project, speaks to how it is contributing to the body of knowledge in flexible, alternative, and democratic schooling in Australia and internationally. 

Associate Professor McGregor explains why current research seeks to understand the story of teachers, educators and support workers so as to improve staff health and wellbeing outcomes.   

Listen to this fascinating podcast with AAFIE’s Dale Murray, joined by Associate Professor McGregor (GIER), Professor Martin Mills (QUT) and Dr Aspa Baroutsis (SCU). They discuss insights and learnings gleaned from over a decade of work in understanding and supporting educators and young people in non-traditional educational environments. 

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