Meet Dr Thu Pham and Professor Peter Anderson

Dr Thu Pham and Professor Peter Anderson kindly agreed to talk to us about their background, research interests, and their current research projects. Prof Peter… Read More

Meet Dr Elizabeth Wheeley

Dr Elizabeth Wheeley kindly agreed to talk to us about her background, research interests, and her current research projects. Elizabeth has been a Griffith member having… Read More

Meet Dr Simon Petty

Dr Simon Petty kindly agreed to talk to us about his background, research interests, and current research projects. Simon calls himself “new old” because he… Read More

Meet Dr Judy Rose

Dr Judy Rose is an expert mixed methodologist with an extensive teaching background. Judy’s current position is a Griffith University Research Methods Advisor, where she teaches in the Statistical Training program, providing skills and methods for assembling and validating surveys as well as conducting interviews in the context of mixed methods.  Read More

Meet Dr Sorrel Penn-Edwards

Dr Sorrel Penn-Edwards has a diverse and rich background of experiences in the sciences, arts and theatre that she brings to teaching and learning in higher education.   Read More

Meet Professor Parlo Singh

Professor Parlo Singh has dedicated her career to working in the field of primary schooling, particularly working with schools serving culturally and linguistically diverse communities in areas of high socio-economic poverty.  She sees schooling institutions as pivotal in disrupting intergenerational cycles of poverty.   Read More

Meet Dr Candace Kruger

Dr Candace Kruger is a Yugambeh Indigenous elder, musician and music educator, passionately devoted to the power of song as a vehicle for transmitting Indigenous knowledges and living culture.   Read More

Meet Associate Professor Stuart Woodcock

Associate Professor Stuart Woodcock came into research pursuing answers to questions that raised more questions. Inclusion work and inclusive practices are close to his heart and his research focuses on changing perceptions and attitudes of differing student abilities and building teacher self-efficacy.  Read More

Meet Associate Professor Popi Sotiriadou

Associate Professor Popi Sotiriadou applies her elite sports background and a mindset of excellence to helping others achieve optimal learning and educational outcomes.   Read More

Meet Dr Tasha Riley

Dr Tasha Riley’s work explores the transformative potential of educational enquiry for minoritized and silenced peoples.  She has developed an international reputation for leading an integrated set of research projects that work individually and collectively to unmask sustained inequalities in educational and related settings, to possibilities for global and social justice.  Read More

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