GAI welcomes its latest visiting fellow

The Griffith Asia Institute welcomes its latest visiting fellow, Professor Zhou Li from the School of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development at Renmin University of… Read More

The potential for Army-Police rivalry in Myanmar

ANDREW SELTH  | Since December 2015, a rumour has been circulating in Yangon that the Commander-in-Chief of Myanmar’s armed forces is investigating several police… Read More

Power and risk in foreign policy: Understanding China’s crisis behavior

Along with China’s rise in military and economic capabilities, foreign policy crises involving China seem more likely, as seen in the diplomatic standoffs in the… Read More

Taiwan’s recent election

On 16 January, the Republic of China (ROC), i.e. Taiwan, held its sixth election for the president and the legislature. The outcome had been predicted… Read More

Water governance in the Mekong subregion: Changing times for the Mekong River Commission

Mekong River Subregion ANDREA HAEFNER | The Mekong River is the largest river in Southeast Asia and hosts a unique and… Read More

Myanmar’s armed forces: obstacle or ally for reform?

ANDREW SELTH  | It has long been the mantra of Myanmar’s leader-in-waiting Aung San Suu Kyi and her National League for Democracy, echoed by… Read More

New manager of strategic development

Dr Kathleen Turner is currently Manager Strategy at the Griffith Asia Institute (GAI), Griffith University where she leads the Institute’s national and international program of… Read More

South China Sea: Beijing could get the wrong idea from our stance

China’s territorial expansion in the South China Sea will probably continue unabated this year. For the past several years, balancing and a rules-based order have… Read More

Exchange studies to China (Beijing) + prestigious internship

Griffith Global Mobility is offering 7 x $8000 New Colombo Plan Student Mobility Grants to eligible students to complete a semester of study in China… Read More

Order versus chaos in Myanmar

ANDREW SELTH  | In his 1968 book “Political Order in Changing Societies”, American political scientist Samuel P. Huntington wrote that violence and instability were… Read More

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