How bold is Abe’s security policy?

Ever since Mr Abe became the prime minister, his plans to reform Japan’s security policy and to include a change of the Constitution have been… Read More

Working with the National University of Laos on water resource management

ANDREA HAEFNER | Adjunct Research Fellow Dr. Andrea Haefner is passionate about water governance and water resource management, and will be working for… Read More

Q&A Panel Event: Australia-Japan security relations in a changing region

A close security relationship between Australia and Japan can extend the bi-lateral relationship in important ways, and also contribute to stability and cooperation within the… Read More

South China Sea: Beijing is winning, but here’s how to retake the initiative

China is once again causing concern in the South China Sea, this time by moving surface-to-air missiles to the Paracel Islands. Over several years, this… Read More

Why Myanmar’s rumor mill is always spinning

ANDREW SELTH  | There is something about Myanmar that encourages conspiracy theories and wild rumors. Not only does the country create them in abundance,… Read More

The pieces that make the peace: the micro-processes of international security

This article uses the case study of UNIFIL in South Lebanon to provide fresh empirical evidence on how peace operations influence their security environment. This… Read More

Appointing the new Secretary-General of the United Nations

Ban Ki-moon will be retiring as the Secretary-General of the United Nations in December this year. He began his first term in January 2007 and… Read More

Contested air superiority returns to the Asia-Pacific

PETER LAYTON | In a previous century the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) did not always fly technologically advanced aircraft that gave it uncontested regional… Read More

GAI welcomes second visiting fellow from China

Visiting fellow Xiaotong Huang joined the Griffith Asia Institute (GAI) in September 2015. Her major research area is International Relations, with a focus on the… Read More

Public health emergency of international concern: The Zika case

SARA E DAVIES   | On 1 February 2016, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the Zika outbreak in Central and South America a… Read More

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