Strengthening relationship with Chukyo University

International relations with Chukyo University (CKU), Japan, extend back to 1998 when the first Exchange Agreement was signed with Griffith University. Since then students from… Read More

Food Conversations Luncheon Series: Brisbane to Beijing: Understanding agribusiness in Asia

Griffith Asia Institute and Hotel Jen invite you to hear contemporary stories at the luncheon series ‘Food Conversations’, led by 612ABC Weekends presenter Katrina Davidson. Read More

Tourism Confucius Institute international symposium – Governance in contemporary China

The Tourism Confucius Institute at Griffith University held an international symposium on 29 March 2016. The theme of the International Symposium was “Governance in Contemporary… Read More

Asia Future Fellows program for undergraduates

Do you want to increase your understanding of Chinese culture? Program Aims: As part of Griffith’s Asian Century Futures Initiative, Griffith University and Peking University… Read More

Collaboration with Yokohama National University

Yokohama National University (YNU) met with Griffith’s Business School during a two-day delegation visit led by Professor Hiroshi Morita, Dean of the College of Business… Read More

America’s air supremacy Is fading fast

PETER LAYTON | American air supremacy is in a bear market of long-term decline with no end in sight. The RAND Corporation recently determined:… Read More

The third age of Australian Defence White Papers continues

PETER LAYTON | There’s always a certain anticlimax when the latest Defence White Paper is released. The once-feverish anticipation eases as firm plans are set… Read More

Trading amnesty for impunity in Timor-Leste

RENÉE JEFFERY | 1999 marked a turning point in international public policy concerning the inclusion of amnesties for perpetrators of human rights violations in… Read More

North Korea’s nuclear agenda challenges US engagement in Asia

So far this year, North Korea has tested its fourth nuclear device, launched yet another thinly veiled intercontinental ballistic missile test and stepped up threats… Read More

Who benefits the most? Indonesia’s self-sufficiency versus food security

Ever since campaigning for the presidency, Joko Widodo or Jokowi has consistently pointed to nine priorities which he has touted as key to a better… Read More

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