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Asia Insights is published by the Griffith Asia Institute. It offers latest commentary and publications on Asia-Pacific affairs to inform and foster academic scholarship, public awareness and considered, responsive policy-making. Our research focuses on energy, finance, policy, economics across Asia-Pacific region.

Griffith University is committed to advancing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) across the region. Griffith Asia Institute focuses on the following SDGs:

Current insights

Fiji’s Budget 2024-2025: A closer look at debt and efficiency

SAKIUSA NABOU |    The Minister for Finance delivered the National Budget Address on 28 June 2024 under the theme of “an Economically Stable,… Read More

Resolving Papua New Guinea’s human capital deficit with more than just funding

SEAN JACOBS  | Part 3 of 3 In 2006, the World Bank published a report titled Where is the Wealth of Nations? Measuring Capital… Read More

A Games Economy: The economic impact of hosting the Pacific Games (SOL2023)

ANGELINE ROHOIA, KATIE LONGE’AU AND MARCO MALUSÀ  |   “Challenge, Celebrate, Unite”. Read More

A practical way to resolve Papua New Guinea’s electricity crisis

SEAN JACOBS  | Part 2 of 3 The IMF’s return to PNG is an opportunity to revisit the status of PNG’s State Owned Enterprises… Read More

From dominance to disarray: The unravelling of FijiFirst and the future political landscape of Fiji

ROMITESH KANT  |  Part 2 of 2 The Registrar of Political Parties, Ana Mataiciwa, has issued a grave ultimatum to FijiFirst, demanding that… Read More

Pacific Outlook Bulletin | 26 June

TESS NEWTON CAIN  |  Ministers from PNG and Australia meet The 30th joint Papua New Guinea/Australia ministerial meeting was held recently in Port Moresby. Read More

The International Monetary Fund, Papua New Guinea and rapid foreign exchange reform

SEAN JACOBS  | Part 1 of 3 The IMF’s return to Papua New Guinea (PNG) offers a symbolic and timely reminder of many overdue… Read More

From dominance to disarray: FijiFirst’s fallout from within

ROMITESH KANT  |  Part 1 of 2 The recent controversy surrounding salary increases for Fiji’s parliamentarians has sparked public outrage and triggered a… Read More

Digital economies in the Pacific 

DOMINIC LEONG AND SHELDON CHANEL  | Recent development initiatives in the Pacific have focussed on building the conditions for digital economies to… Read More

Echoes of justice: The International Criminal Court’s communication disconnect in Bangladesh/Myanmar

EMMA PALMER  |  The International Criminal Court (ICC) faces a significant challenge in effectively engaging with the situation in Bangladesh and Myanmar. The ICC… Read More

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