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Small-state responses to strategic dynamics in the Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is a vast and dynamic domain. Yet, much like its Pacific counterpart, it is too easily cast as a great emptiness, and… Read More

Road to COP26: Timeline of Pacific diplomacy

‘Climate diplomacy’ encompasses the interactions, practices and protocols through which state and non-state actors advance and negotiate their interests relating to a changing climate. Pacific… Read More

Weekly Pacific Bulletin | 4 August

Forum Foreign Ministers focus on COVID-19 recovery The Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) Foreign Ministers met during last week in an online format. This meeting… Read More

Missile controls in East Asia

A global race to acquire sophisticated long-range missiles is underway, despite their destabilizing impact on international security. This is a particularly serious problem in East… Read More

Australia’s constructive diplomacy in an era of contest

The 2017 Australian Foreign Policy White Paper defined Australia as a “regional power with global interests.” Ambitious in nature, this white paper reflected the… Read More

Pacific climate diplomacy – strength in solidarity

Over the last 10 years or so, the Pacific Small Island Developing States (PSIDS), have demonstrated, through various significant events, how they can prevail in… Read More

Climate change and maritime boundaries: Pacific responses and implications for Australia

Climate change has the potential to undermine the maritime resource entitlements of Pacific island states. Resource-rich maritime areas are a vital source of revenue for… Read More

Weekly Pacific Bulletin | 28 July

Court of Appeal decision is a reset for Samoa In Samoa, a prolonged political deadlock now appears to be over. The Court of Appeal… Read More

ASEAN’s conception of regional citizenship

ASEAN has for some time been explicit that the development of a common regional identity among citizens of its 10 member states is essential to… Read More

Learning in the grey zone: how democracies can meet the authoritarian challenge

Innovation by authoritarian nations in the ‘grey zone’ is becoming one of the most serious challenges facing contemporary democracies. It has long been recognised that… Read More

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Road to COP26: Timeline of Pacific diplomacy
Weekly Pacific Bulletin | 4 August
Social media and democracy in the Philippines
Pacific climate diplomacy – strength in solidarity


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