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Don’t assume North Korea is happy with the status quo

In an earlier Interpreter article I argued the need for policy makers in the US and elsewhere to consider not only the now well-rehearsed and well-founded… Read More

Why Australia should consider sharing nuclear weapons

The future looks ominous. There are grim warnings that Australia’s strategic situation has worsened dramatically, with major power conflict increasingly likely. Some… Read More

Sport and diplomacy on the Korean Peninsula

Sport, it would seem, has paved the way for limited but significant diplomatic success on the Korean Peninsula. The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, due to begin… Read More

America’s unending Pakistan predicament

As political developments in Pakistan gather steam following Nawaz Sharif’s dismissal and the unfolding military’s schema for “mainstreaming” the Jihadi and sectarian groups, US-Pakistan ties… Read More

Ambedkar and Du Bois on pursuing rights protections globally

Therefore, Peoples of the World, we American Negroes appeal to you … No nation is so great that the world can afford to let it… Read More

Diplomacy on the doorstep: Australia’s equivocal Indonesian relationship

With close to 300 million people, and a GDP that for the first time last year hit USD$1 trillion, Australia has been quick to take… Read More

Australian connection shows North Korea’s global web of strength

The arrest on 16 December of alleged North Korean agent Choi Han Chan on charges under the Commonwealth Weapons of Mass Destruction Act underscores the… Read More

Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road: A potent symbol of change

At a time when globalisation from the West appears to be in retreat, the Belt and Road Initiative is a potent symbol of the rise… Read More

How deep is Australia’s foreign policy bipartisanship?

In the flurry of commentary about Australia’s latest Foreign Policy White Paper there has been some talk on the apparent bipartisan support that the document… Read More

Free trade with Chinese characteristics: Let the buyer beware

Canada will seek a free trade agreement with China – only the timing is uncertain. Integrating with the world’s largest economy (in purchasing power parity… Read More

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