Kipling’s Burma and Myanmar’s Kipling

ANDREW SELTH  | He knew little about the country, but colonised the West’s imagination about it. The Indian Institute of Advanced Study and the… Read More

John Howard delivers Inaugural Asia Lecture

  More photos from the Inaugural Asia Lecture are available on our Griffith Asia Institute… Read More

China’s crisis behavior: Political survival and foreign policy

The rise of China is one of the most dynamic political phenomena in world politics in the 21st century. As David Shambaugh, a prominent China… Read More

China and the Panama Papers

The recent massive leak of data from the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca shows that greater China constitutes the single largest market for the secretive… Read More

Ashton Carter in New Delhi: Inching forward with US-India defence diplomacy

IAN HALL | This week Ashton Carter, US Defence Secretary, visited India, heading first to Goa, the home state of his Indian counterpart, Manohar… Read More

The forgiveness dilemma: Emotions and justice at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal

RENÉE JEFFERY | In post-conflict politics, the practice of forgiveness is marked by a serious dilemma. For its proponents, forgiveness is the panacea for… Read More

China’s great big, very capable fighter force

PETER LAYTON | China’s rapid economic growth over the last two decades has allowed the country to significantly modernise its defence forces – and none… Read More

SPSG engages with regional central banks

Griffith Asia Institute’s South Pacific Studies Group (SPSG) is pioneering new research by actively engaging with regional central banks. Recognising a need for Australia to… Read More

Perspectives:Asia | ‘Democracy, meritocracy, or both? The case of China’

Westerns tend to separate the political world into ‘good’ democracies and ‘bad’ authoritarian leaders. However the Chinese political model does not fit into the Western… Read More

Perspectives:Asia seminar – ‘Insights Indonesia’

A video recording of the Perspectives:Asia seminar ‘Insights Indonesia’ seminar is now available on our Perspectives:Asia event website. George Roberts,  Journalist, ABC News Queensland spoke at… Read More

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