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Well being – Hints and tips for time management and the uni lifestyle

Managing time effectively in university can be challenging, especially with the many responsibilities and opportunities that come your way. Here are some… Read More

Where to start – Reading lists and the catalogue features

Did you know Reading lists can give you direct access to your course readings? Get 24/7 access to required and recommended online readings and discover… Read More

Welcome to the Library – Study spaces for everyone

The Library has the perfect study space for you. Whether you’re looking for a silent, quiet or social space,… Read More

I wish I knew… Tips from experienced students

One of the best places to help you succeed at uni is the Library, but often new students don’t know about… Read More

The Library is your safe and inclusive space

The Library provides a variety of safe and inclusive study spaces across all five of our campuses. Whether you’re looking for a silent, quiet, or… Read More

Welcome to the Library – Meet our friendly staff

Our frontline Library staff are located across all five campuses.  With warm smiles and a wealth of knowledge about the Library’s resources,… Read More

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When you’re studying at uni, it can sometimes feel like there’s a lot going on and it can be hard to keep up. … Read More

Help smooth your uni journey by attending a Library workshop

Starting uni can be exciting, but also a little nerve-wracking. And like all great adventures, you might experience a few bumps in the road. Read More

Attend a workshop for a great start on your university journey

Starting uni can feel like journeying into the unknown, but no matter what you’re studying, there’s plenty of support available.   One of… Read More

Strengthen your digital skills and succeed in your studies

As a uni student, you need to master a range of digital skills that can help you succeed in your studies and future career. Read More

Supporting your study – Earlybird workshops

Are you starting university this trimester? Or continuing your studies and looking to enhance your skills? If this is you, spread your wings and… Read More

Study skills for you: How to do your best on exam day 

Trimester 2 exams are nearly here and the Library has some tips to help you do your best on exam day.  Start… Read More

Start preparing for exam success

It’s Week 10, and that means you’re almost at the finish line. It also means exams are only three weeks away, so now’s the… Read More

Study Skills for you: Building professional communication and digital skills

Professional communication – it isn’t just talking face to face but extends to writing emails, interactions on digital platforms and showcasing your career skills… Read More

Study skills for you: Building digital skills- Social media

How are your digital skills? Digital skills are defined as the ability to find, evaluate, use, share and create content using digital devices, such as… Read More

Study skills for you: tips for presentation success

Presentations are a common part of university life, and mastering this skill is essential. If you’re not sure where to start, check out these… Read More

Study Skills for you: Group work

During your academic journey with Griffith, you may encounter a group work assignment. Some people enjoy working collaboratively with others, some are neutral and… Read More

Study skills for you – Research for assignments

So, you’ve got an assignment coming up, you’ve already read over the task sheet and figured out which type of assignment… Read More

Study Skills for you: Assignments and where to start

 As Trimester 2 begins, you may soon get your first assignment. Whether you’re a first-year student or continuing, it’s always good to review… Read More

Study Skills for You: Follow Us

Information, information overload!  The world has so much information, so it’s easy to miss out on important and useful resources and services. … Read More

Student Assignment Support Service (SASS)

Griffith Library’s SASS provides eligible students with additional academic support focusing on academic writing and research skills. There are three ways you can access… Read More

Discover key tips to starting your studies — Register for the Earlybird workshops!

Are you ready for Trimester 2?  Are you just starting your studies? Or do you want to brush up on your study skills to… Read More

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