Professional communication – it isn’t just talking face to face but extends to writing emails, interactions on digital platforms and showcasing your career skills and qualities on professional websites. All of these require digital literacy skills to ensure you are communicating clearly and effectively in a professional setting. 

While you’re studying at Griffith, get a head start on professional communication by learning how to write formal and effective emails. Ensure you practice netiquette when talking to your classmates and teachers on myGriffith – online good manners and appropriate behaviour can make learning and collaborating with others all the more pleasant and productive. 

It’s best to separate using social media platforms between your personal and professional life, and make sure to understand, secure and manage access to your personal accounts. 

Getting ready to graduate and need to start applying for jobs? The Griffith Careers and Employment team have the resources to help you craft a professional resume. You can also submit your resume to be reviewed to ensure your accomplishments, skills and qualifications are clearly highlighted. 

The ability to communicate professionally in the digital landscape is a transferable and rewarding skill that can help you build strong relationships, improve productivity, facilitate innovation and increaseing your chances of a prosperous career. 

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