During your academic journey with Griffith, you may encounter a group work assignment. Some people enjoy working collaboratively with others, some are neutral and some people would rather work alone.  

You may ask, why is group work an assignment? And that is to:  

  • encourage you to work collaboratively with your peers 
  • encourage you to share ideas and be mindful and respectful of other’s ideas 
  • learn how to brainstorm and discuss ideas 
  • promote critical thinking and build negotiation skills 
  • provide you the opportunity to learn from each other 
  • encourage you to meet others in your program.  

Group work is a learning approach used in educational settings to foster active learning, critical thinking and the development of teamwork and communication skills.  

However, working with others, all with differing opinions, learning styles and levels of understanding, can make it difficult to get anything done.  

We recommend taking a look at the Griffith Library group projects page, which clearly defines the steps necessary to achieve your tasks, such as: 

  • Establish goals and objectives 
  • Communicate  
  • Assign roles and responsibilities 
  • Set deadlines 
  • Respect diversity 
  • Be flexible  
  • Resolve conflicts effectivel

Now that you know how, why and for what reason to do group work, the last question is when and where. 

Our libraries have you covered – for a quiet area to focus and collaborate, make sure to book a group study space in all of our libraries. 

For more survival tips, ‘What to do if . . .’ answers and useful tools to collaborate, make sure to have a look at this Griffith guide on group work.

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