As a uni student, you need to master a range of digital skills that can help you succeed in your studies and future career. And even if you’re feeling confident, there’s always room to expand your knowledge and sharpen your capabilities. 

Start by assessing your skills 

Discover your strengths and areas for improvement by taking the quiz. The quiz will assess your skills with different aspects of digital dexterity and point you towards resources to deepen your knowledge and understanding. 

Stay safe online 

The best way to protect your identity and data is to limit what you share online. Additionally, you can: 

Write effective emails 

Effective email communication is a key life skill for work and study. Importantly, an email you would send to your BFF or favourite relative is not the same as an email you would send to your professor or a prospective employer. 

When writing an academic email: 

  • be polite, formal, clear and concise 
  • include a professional email signature which includes your name, program of study and contact details. 

Plan your next video assignment 

If you need to produce a video as part of your assessment, you’ll want to put your best foot forward. Start by: 

  • discovering software options for capturing and editing videos 
  • making the most of lighting and sound to ensure your video is polished and professional.  

Discover more 

Explore the Library’s Develop digital skills web pages to find out more. If you need further support, contact the Library.