Presentations are a common part of university life, and mastering this skill is essential. If you’re not sure where to start, check out these tips for creating compelling and impactful presentations: 

Understand the assessment task: Read your assessment task sheet carefully, making sure you understand what you are being asked to do and how you will be assessed. 

Organise your content: Structure your presentation logically with a clear introduction, main points and a conclusion. Consider using the ‘Tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell them and tell them what you told them’ approach. This repetition helps reinforce key points. 

Make the most of visuals:  High-quality visuals can make your presentation more engaging and easier to understand. Use bullet points, concise text and relevant visuals to emphasise your message.  

Practise: Rehearse your presentation multiple times. Familiarity with your content will help you speak fluently and handle questions effectively. Practise pacing yourself during rehearsals to ensure you cover all key points without rushing or running over time. 

Speak clearly and confidently: Maintain an even pace and speak clearly. Try not to read directly from your slides, but instead, use them as prompts to elaborate on your points.  

Handle nervousness: Feeling nervous before a presentation is natural. Channel that nervous energy into enthusiasm for your topic. Deep breaths, positive self-talk and focusing on the message you want to convey can help calm your nerves. 

Double-check the technology: If you’re using technology, ensure everything works smoothly before your presentation. Check your slides, audio and any other equipment you’ll be using. 

Remember, presentation skills improve with practice. Each opportunity you get to present is a chance to refine your technique and become a more confident and effective communicator. 

Find more tips on the Assignment Types web page, and if you have any questions, contact the Library. 

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