Asian Fault Lines and Rising Democracies: How Friendly Powers Can Safeguard Asia’s Liberal Order

Presented by Dr Dan Twining, Senior Fellow for Asia, The German Marshall Fund of the United States Conflict in the South and East China Seas could be… Read More

Tributary deference to China not in our interests

Former prime minister Paul Keating’s intervention that Australia needs to work harder to accommodate China’s rise highlights the importance of having an informed national debate… Read More

Fiscal consolidation: Does it work?

YAN ISLAM | Presentation given by Yan Islam (Adjunct Professor, Griffith Asia Institute and former Chief, Employment and Labour Market Policies Branch, ILO, Geneva) to the… Read More

The water-energy-food nexus in the Mekong subregion: Uneven trade-offs

ANDREA HAEFNER | The Mekong River, flowing through Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam, is the largest river in Southeast Asia. It… Read More

Rule of law in Cambodia – reflections from the field

Cambodia has regularly ranked very poorly on international rule of law indexes. In 2015, The World Justice Project ranked Cambodia 99th of 102 countries surveyed,… Read More

Security shouldn’t trump economics on the Ausgrid sale

PETER LAYTON | Security trumps economics, or so the Ausgrid saga seems to have taught us. But maybe this framing is all wrong. Security and… Read More

A world of possibilities

My interest in China developed after participating in Griffith University’s Asia Future Fellows program for undergraduates in 2014. In 2016, I spent six months studying and… Read More

More name games in Burma/Myanmar

ANDREW SELTH  | Regular readers of The Interpreter will know that, over the past few years, this site has closely followed the Australian government’s… Read More

Managing a revisionist China

MICHAEL HEAZLE | In the wake of China’s ongoing attempts to claim maritime rights over practically the whole of the South China Sea, its… Read More

Perspectives:Asia | ‘Popular culture and the representation of Asian-Australia’

A video recording of the Perspectives:Asia seminar, ‘Popular culture and the representation of Asian-Australia’ seminar is now available on our Griffith Asia Institute YouTube… Read More


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