Accompanying His Excellency Dr Ramos Horta: former President of Timor Leste and Nobel Peace Prize recipient

On behalf of the Griffith Asia Institute (GAI), I had the pleasure of hosting Dr Ramos Horta at the Integrity 20 Conference in Brisbane on… Read More

Solving Northeast Asian security

North Korea’s fifth nuclear test in early September 2016 has intensified the security predicament in Northeast Asia. China faces a strategic dilemma: deal with North… Read More

The strategic dimensions of Australia’s new defence minister diarchy

PETER LAYTON | For the first time Australia now has two senior ministers in the Defence portfolio, with Marise Payne as Minister for Defence and… Read More

Myanmar, Myeik and mythmaking

ANDREW SELTH  | For most of the 20th century, the Myeik (formerly Mergui) Archipelago in Myanmar’s far south was rarely visited by foreigners. The… Read More

How smart is China’s media diplomacy?

Amidst increasing unease regarding the attempts of Chinese organisations and individuals to purchase political influence in Australia, a newly published article by Griffith academic and… Read More

Indonesian language literacy: what Australia can learn from South Korea

In The Jakarta Post last month it was reported that over 1000 students in South Korea have enrolled to study the Indonesian language. It is… Read More

Lifting US sanctions: right or wrong?

Lee Morgenbesser looks at the case for and against dropping economic restrictions on Myanmar. Two weeks ago the Obama administration declared that it will drop… Read More

The Foreign Affairs White Paper probably won’t be a real strategy

PETER LAYTON | Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has laid out some tough parameters for her newly commissioned White Paper. It will set out… Read More

How to overhaul the dismal trade of strategy

PETER LAYTON | There’s no shortage of dark, pessimistic visions out there, including a revisionist Russia, an assertive China, the end of globalisation, a declining… Read More

Journeys without maps in Myanmar

ANDREW SELTH  | More open politics and new technologies are putting much of the country back on the beaten path. When I lived… Read More


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