Don’t give up on the US in Asia just yet

MICHAEL HEAZLE | Contrary to Hugh White’s argument that we’re better off appeasing China than risk going to war with Donald Trump, we are… Read More

Trump’s presidency and the Asia Pacific

Our Griffith Asia Institute research scholars weigh in on what Donald Trump’s successful bid for US Presidency might mean for the Asia Pacific… Read More

A new approach to security in East Asia

The security situation in East Asia is precarious. There is the possibility that a war over regional supremacy may take place between China and Japan;… Read More

On stranger tides: Understanding the strategic competition in the South China Sea

The South China Sea (SCS) is a critical economic and strategic gateway within the Indo-Pacific that has been the topic of much academic and political… Read More

Should Australia be more open to foreign investment?

On Thursday 3 November the APEC Study Centre (ASC) at Griffith co-hosted with Morgans Financial Ltd a downtown symposium on “Should Australia Be More Open… Read More

Re-hyphenating the Indo-Pacific

IAN HALL | In the wonderfully-titled ‘From Hollywood to Bollywood’, Andrew Phillips questions the utility of the ‘Indo-Pacific’ concept. He thinks it’s less than… Read More

China’s currency needs reform at home before gaining more traction internationally

Businesses and governments around the world are watching as China grows, innovates and extends its influence. We explore how the country got to where it… Read More

Zika and Ebola had a much worse effect on women: we need more research to address this in future

SARA E DAVIES AND BELINDA BENNETT | Outbreaks of the Ebola virus – declared as a public health emergency in 2015 – and, more… Read More

Blocking trade paths hurts economies and makes everyone a loser

Anti-globalisation sentiment has found political voice in many developed economies since the global financial crisis, most loudly in the US, where not one major contender… Read More

How women’s silence secures the peace: analysing sexual and gender-based violence in a low-intensity conflict

SARA E DAVIES | This article examines the dynamics of conflict and peace in one case of a fragile and low-intensity conflict-affected area: Mindanao,… Read More


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