Heroines, heroes and villains

ANDREW SELTH  | In the second article of a two-part series, Andrew Selth takes a look at superheroes and more in Myanmar comics. Over… Read More

Wars and rumors of wars

ANDREW SELTH  | In the first of a two-part series, Andrew Selth explores the relationship between conflict and comics in yesterday’s Myanmar. In his… Read More

Fostering collaborative research: Improving patient care in China

In 2014, Dr Frances Lin was awarded a Griffith University – Peking University Collaborative Research Scheme Grant. Her research expertise is in patient safety in… Read More

India’s unavoidable entanglements in the South China Sea

IAN HALL | This article is a summary of the Mabini Dialogue talk given by Professor Ian Hall at the Foreign Service Institute… Read More

South China Sea ruling won’t improve regional security

The Permanent Court of Arbitration’s (PCA) ruling in the South China Sea case filed by the Philippines has been labelled a ‘sweeping victory’ against China. Read More

Elections without democracy in Southeast Asia

Why Southeast Asia is a region with many elections but little democratisation. Democracy in Southeast Asia is on the defensive. A recent map of “… Read More

ANZUS pact needs a gold-standard upgrade under Clinton or Trump

PETER LAYTON | Now that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have secured US presidential nominations, the Turnbull government has a narrow window of opportunity to… Read More

How Chinese scholars think about Chinese foreign policy

Since the 2008 global financial crisis China’s diplomacy has moved towards a more confident or even assertive direction in international politics (He and Feng 2012;… Read More

How could China bargain for a peaceful accommodation?

China’s rise is a bargaining process between China and the outside world—especially with the United States. This article suggests two strategies, “socialization” and “legitimation,” which… Read More

Industry roundtable with Australian Ambassador to Indonesia, Paul Grigson

The Griffith Asia Institute (GAI) participated in an industry roundtable on Thursday 27th July in Brisbane with the current Australian Ambassador to Indonesia, Paul Grigson,… Read More

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