ANZUS in Trumpland—should we have seen it coming?

PETER LAYTON | Andrew Davies’ recent post on the possibility of Donald Trump as US President presents an interesting alternative future that could cause… Read More

Cross cultural insights – 2016 Asia Future Fellows

Griffith’s Asian Century Futures Initiative gave 12 Griffith University students and 10 Peking University students the opportunity to enrich their academic studies, professional skills and… Read More

Perspectives:Asia | ‘Empowering women: Advocacy through art’

A video of Her Excellency’s talk can be found on our Griffith Asia Institute YouTube channel. Event photos [Photo credit: Mark Sherwood, courtesy of… Read More

Colonial-era pulp fiction portrays ‘technicolor’ Myanmar

ANDREW SELTH  | Ask foreign visitors to Myanmar what literary works they associate with the country and the chances are that most will cite… Read More

The challenge of decentralisation in Indonesia and the business case for Musrenbang

As a process that tends to span decades, decentralisation in Indonesia continues to frustrate foreign businesses with confusion over the roles of central, provincial and… Read More

The autocratic mandate: elections, legitimacy and regime stability in Singapore

The existence of ‘hybrid regimes’ occupying a grey zone between liberal democracy and closed authoritarianism is firmly established. This conceptual category is designed to capture… Read More

Explaining United States–China relations: Neoclassical realism and the nexus of threat–interest perceptions

As Aaron Friedberg points out, ‘whether for better or for ill, the most significant bilateral international relationship over the course of the next several decades… Read More

There is much for Australia to admire about neighbour Singapore

Just as England was known as “the land without music” in Europe early last century, so Australia is on track to being known as the… Read More

After the mining boom, China continues to give Australian living standards a boost

During the mining boom there was never any doubt that China was raising Australian living standards. That consensus started to change in 2011 when the… Read More

A mixed fighter fleet for Canada? Super Hornets, F-​35s, and the challenge of comparisons

PETER LAYTON | Every country has an F-35 story it seems. Both Australian and Canadian force structure planning has been blighted by the aircraft’s problems… Read More

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