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Australia’s fight against corruption risks failure

By Janet Ransley When fighting official corruption, prevention can be the cure. But what does that look like? Corruption is costly, difficult to detect… Read More

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Dangerous Sex Offender Legislation

By Danielle Harris and The Hon Justice Peter Applegarth AM* How effective is the system of preventative… Read More

Police killings in Australia

By Professor Mark Finnane _______________________ More than 50 years ago a young legal academic from the University of Western Australia, Richard… Read More

Before 9/11, Australia had no counter-terrorism laws, now we have 92 — but are we safer?

By Rebecca Ananian-Welsh* and Keiran Hardy This article first appeared on Australia is a long way… Read More

Friendlyjordies producer arrest: what is the NSW Police Fixated Persons Investigations Unit and when is it used?

By Keiran Hardy This spotlight was first published on The Conversation A producer for YouTube comedian Friendlyjordies was recently arrested for… Read More

Coronavirus spike: why getting people to follow restrictions is harder the second time around

By Kristina Murphy, Harley Williamson, Jennifer Boddy and Patrick O’Leary This article was first published on With residents in… Read More

Feeling hopeless? There are things you can do to create and maintain hope in a post-coronavirus world

By Patrick O’Leary, Amy Young, Jennifer Boddy and Jianqiang… Read More

Will Eased COVID-19 Restrictions Mean More Complacency and Less Compliance?

By Kristina Murphy, Patrick O’Leary, Harley Williamson and Jennifer Boddy As COVID-19 restrictions continue to ease across Australia, some restraints on… Read More

Australia doesn’t need more anti-terror laws that aren’t necessary – or even used

By Keiran Hardy This spotlight was first published on Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has introduced a new bill that will amend the… Read More

Can we really rely on people to isolate when they’re told to? Experts explain

By Patrick O’Leary, Amy Young, Donna McAuliffe and Jennifer Boddy This spotlight was first published on A country-wide shutdown… Read More