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Policing Pandemics and Protest 9 December 2020

The ANZSOC Policing Thematic Group aims to bring together policing scholars, practitioners and postgraduate students from Australia and New Zealand to advance the science of… Read More

Assaults on Public Officers: A Review of Research Evidence

By Christine Bond, Louise Porter, Margo van Felius and Tiahna Mulholland* This report, commissioned by the Queensland… Read More

Is dissatisfaction with police inevitable?

By Elise Sargeant, Kristina Murphy and Natasha S. Madon This brief is based on the following paper: Sargeant, E., Murphy, K.,… Read More

Exploring the impact of retirement on police officers’ wellbeing

By Lyndel Bates, Elise Sargeant and Christine Carney* This brief is based on the following paper published by the authors: Carney, C.,… Read More

Electronic monitoring bracelets are only crime deterrence tools, they can’t ‘fix’ offenders

By Lacey Schaefer This article was first published on The man arrested after a deadly… Read More

The QPS Connected Women’s Program Evaluation Report

By Kristina Murphy In 2017, a Suncorp Grant was provided to the Queensland Police Service (QPS) to trial a new police-led program called the… Read More