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Life’s Lottery Podcast: Parents in Prison

Episode 3: Parents in Prison Most people in jail have experienced disadvantage at some point in their lives, and it’s a legacy that often passes… Read More

The Gender Card, Episode 7: The Gender Card in Criminal Violence

Domestic violence remains a scourge of society, with shocking attacks and brutality continuing on thousands of women around Australia. Griffith Criminology Institute’s Robyn Holder is… Read More

A Matter of Crime, Episode 6: Wrongful convictions with Dr Rachel Dioso-Villa

Wrongful convictions. It’s the theme of many thriller movies and television shows, but is it a problem in Australia? Dr Rachel Dioso-Villa is one of… Read More

A Matter of Crime, Episode 5: Youth crime with Professor Ross Homel

In this episode, we look at youth crime and how best to respond to this hot topic of talkback radio around the nation. Often, this… Read More

A Matter of Crime, Episode 4: Raise your kids to raise their voice

The Raise Your Kids to Raise Their Voice panel was hosted by the Australian and New Zealand Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abuse (ANZATSA)on… Read More

A Matter of Crime, Episode 3: Jack the Ripper

Today we have a double-shot crim and tonic on A Matter of Crime with Griffith University Research fellow Juliet Davis and special guest, Griffith University… Read More

A Matter of Crime, Episode 2: How do we reduce the risk of terrorism?

It’s one of society’s great conundrums, how best to counter violent extremism, that has become a part of modern life. In this episode, we speak… Read More

A Matter of Crime, Episode 1: Should Australia have a sex offenders registry?

In this episode, we speak to Griffith University School of Criminology and Criminal Justice senior lecturer Dr Danielle Harris about whether public registers should… Read More