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Advancing Social Work Research Project

The aim of the Advancing Social Work Research project is to increase the production, utilisation, and impact of social work research in Australia in order… Read More

Development of the Queensland Crime Harm Index: Working Paper

Working paper by Janet Ransley and Kristina Murphy. Based on an unpublished report… Read More

Understanding sex and race inequalities in the criminal careers of cross-over children in Queensland

By Ben Matthews, Susan McVie, Carleen Thompson & Anna… Read More

Does Australia need new laws to combat right-wing extremism?

By Keiran Hardy This article was first published on At the National Press Club this week, Home… Read More

Australia’s fight against corruption risks failure

By Janet Ransley When fighting official corruption, prevention can be the cure. But what does that look like? Corruption is costly, difficult to detect… Read More

Review of the Queensland Police Service Wanding Trial

By Janet Ransley, Nadine Connell, Margo van Felius and… Read More

Music in Prisons: A Preliminary Report

By Alexis Kallio and Alexandra Gorton Click here to access… Read More

Even if TikTok and other apps are collecting your data, what are the actual consequences?

By Ausma Bernot This article was first published on By now, most of us are aware social media… Read More


By Molly Dragiewicz, Jeffrey Ackerman and Casey Cale Click here… Read More

Life’s Lottery Podcast: Parents in Prison

Episode 3: Parents in Prison Most people in jail have experienced disadvantage at some point in their lives, and it’s a legacy that often passes… Read More