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Music in Prisons: A Preliminary Report

By Alexis Kallio and Alexandra Gorton Click here to access… Read More


By Molly Dragiewicz, Jeffrey Ackerman and Casey Cale Click here… Read More

Attitudes to Authority During COVID-19: Survey (Wave 2)

By Kristina Murphy, Harley Williamson, Molly McCarthy & Elise Sargeant This technical report presents the… Read More

Assaults on Public Officers: A Review of Research Evidence

By Christine Bond, Louise Porter, Margo van Felius and Tiahna Mulholland* This report, commissioned by the Queensland… Read More

Attitudes to Authority During COVID-19: Survey

July 2020 By Kristina Murphy, Harley Williamson, Elise Sargeant & Molly McCarthy To cite this report: Kristina Murphy, Harley Williamson, Elise… Read More

Trends in Youth Offending in Queensland, 2008 to 2017

By Molly McCarthy A copy of the full report can be accessed here. The Griffith Criminology Institute was commissioned by the… Read More

The Sydney Immigrant Survey: Final Technical Report

By Kristina Murphy,… Read More

The QPS Connected Women’s Program Evaluation Report

By Kristina Murphy In 2017, a Suncorp Grant was provided to the Queensland Police Service (QPS) to trial a new police-led program called the… Read More

The South Brisbane District Islamic Youth Program: Evaluation Report

By Kristina Murphy, Natasha Madon, Tariro Mutongwizo & Harley Williamson In 2016, the Queensland Police Service (QPS) introduced a new police-led program… Read More