July 2020

By Kristina Murphy, Harley Williamson, Elise Sargeant & Molly McCarthy

To cite this report: Kristina Murphy, Harley Williamson, Elise Sargeant & Molly McCarthy (2020). The Attitudes to Authority During COVID-19 Survey: Technical Report. Griffith Criminology Institute. Brisbane: Griffith University.

This technical report presents the methodology, findings and data for the
Attitudes to Authority during COVID-19 Survey (COVID-19 Survey). This was an online survey developed to gauge Australian attitudes towards mandatory restrictions introduced to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, to examine participants’ feelings towards COVID-19 and its impacts on participants’ lives, and to understand public attitudes toward authorities during a pandemic outbreak. The survey captured participants’ attitudes towards authorities generally, before examining perceptions specific to their handling of the COVID19 pandemic response. Questions pertained to attitudes towards state and federal government authorities, health authorities, and police. The survey canvassed the attitudes of adult participants (i.e., 17+ years) from all states and territories in Australia.

A full copy of the technical report can be accessed here. A recording of the Policing the COVID-19 Pandemic online event, featuring these survey results, can be found in the events section of this website.