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Before 9/11, Australia had no counter-terrorism laws, now we have 92 — but are we safer?

By Rebecca Ananian-Welsh* and Keiran Hardy This article first appeared on Australia is a long way… Read More

Friendlyjordies producer arrest: what is the NSW Police Fixated Persons Investigations Unit and when is it used?

By Keiran Hardy This spotlight was first published on The Conversation A producer for YouTube comedian Friendlyjordies was recently arrested for… Read More

Prevalence of psychiatric disorders for Indigenous Australians: a population-based birth cohort study

By James Ogilvie, Stacy Tzoumakis, Troy Allard, Carleen Thompson,… Read More

Child protection systems as blaming systems: The case for a criminological approach to child protection

Presenter: Dr Brian Jenkins The vast majority of child protection activity relates to social welfare concerns about children and families. Cases reported to child protection… Read More

China’s forced invisibility of LGBTQ communities on social media

By Ausma Bernot This article first appeared in The Interpreter, published by the Lowy Institute. This week, Chinese multinational technology giant Tencent … Read More

Launch of SAL’s QCS Data Holdings

On the 12 May Griffith Vice Chancellor Carolyn Evans and Queensland Corrective Services Commissioner Peter Martin jointly launched the receipt into SAL of QCS administrative data. Read More

The ‘normality’ of offending in emerging adulthood: Implications for criminal justice policy and practice

Many offenders have their first contact with the criminal justice system in emerging adulthood. Despite this, the implications of emerging adult-onset offending for criminal justice… Read More

Attitudes to Authority During COVID-19: Survey (Wave 2)

By Kristina Murphy, Harley Williamson, Molly McCarthy & Elise Sargeant This technical report presents the… Read More

How Loss Prevention can Future Proof the Retail Sector

By Michael Townsley and Benjamin Hutchins This brief is based on the following paper: Townsley, M., & Hutchins, B. (2020). How Loss Prevention… Read More

Frontiers in Developmental and Life-Course Criminology: Methodological Innovation and Social Impact

ANZSOC’s Thematic Group on Developmental and Life-Course Criminology hosted a half day online research symposium, sponsored by ANZSOC and Griffith Criminology Institute, where they shared… Read More