Sustainable Tourism and Climate Change

Risk reduction in tourism – how do we measure success?

Johanna Schliephack recently represented GIFT at QTIC’s World Environment Day event. She spoke about air pollution and climate change, how it links to tourism and… Read More

Tourism: to grow or not to grow?

 Impressions from the Global Eco Conference 2018 in Townsville By Johanna Schliephack I was lucky to attend the Global Eco Conference in Townsville last week… Read More

How much carbon does cruise ship tourism emit?

Figure 1: Cruise ship passenger volume from 1990 to 2020 (Cruise Market Watch, 2017). The global cruise ship industry is growing faster than… Read More

Exponential Energy Transformation – where is Tourism?

Travel and Tourism is without a doubt one of the most successful and fastest changing industries. In many countries travel has now become such an… Read More

Is the knowledge gap too wide to innovate sustainable tourist accommodation?

Is the knowledge gap too wide to innovate sustainable tourist accommodation? There is currently insufficient research to assist the transition for tourist accommodation to become… Read More

Working together for sustainable tourism

Working together for sustainable tourism – Reflections from the International Symposium on Sustainable Tourism side event to the UN Climate Change Conference The recent… Read More

The Next Stage of Sustainable Tourism – Measurement

Tourism is often associated with the positive impacts it brings to local communities and destinations. The Sustainable Tourism movement is now several decades old, and… Read More

The Push of Climate Change action and the pull of economic growth: What could sustainable tourism be like in Morocco

As a country with 100 million annual beach visitors, nine delicate UNESCO world heritage sites and aspirations to double tourism,… Read More

M2M – measure to manage towards a ‘carbon budget’

We are all used to measuring and reporting our financial accounts. Often we operate within a fixed budget and need to manage resources carefully. Overspending… Read More

Sustainable Tourism for Regional Growth Program Update

GIFT, Griffith University and University of the Sunshine Coast are undertaking a training program for 25 tourism government officials and business managers on Sustainable… Read More

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