Big DataBig Data and Tourism

The rapid emergence of information and communication technology (ICT) has had a significant impact on people’s daily lives and in turn has provided access to a considerable variety of data and information. The tourism industry is one of the leading sectors that has adapted to the evolving technology and the availability of new data sources which includes credit card transactions, mobility-related data, booking behaviour and, especially, the sharing of experiences.

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Creating Tracks – Indigenous engagement

GIFT’s Associate Professor Michelle Whitford and Associate Professor Lisa Ruhanen from UQ presented at the Creating Tracks in Tourism Industry Day  – the 7th Annual QTIC Tourism Indigenous Employment Forum.

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Chinese Dream Conference

The Third East West Dialogue on tourism and the Chinese Dream

This dialogue celebrated the China-Australia Year of Tourism and also the UN Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.  The conference was well attended with over 120 delegates, mainly from Australia and China, but also six other countries who offered complementary insights and perspectives.

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Attending Destination Q

Dr Sarah Gardiner, Dr Xin Jin, Dr Catheryn Khoo-Lattimore, Dr Caroline Riot, and Dr Ying Wang recently attended Queensland’s leading tourism industry forum, Destination Q.  Read More

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Carbon and tourism – where to next?

Prof Susanne Becken makes some observations on the last decade of work on climate change and tourism… Read More

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PATA – Global insights: 2017 conference

As with its past Global Insights conferences, PATA held the 2017 event once again at the Sky City Grand Hotel in Auckland, New Zealand and brought together tourism academics, industry practitioners and future tourism leaders. The main focus of the conference is on the need for both private and public sector tourism businesses to prepare for an already disruptive and innovative tourism climate…. Read More

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The new tourism trend.  How digitalisation is revolutionising the travel industry

International travel trends used to be driven by marketing spend and visa policies, but a new wave of cross-border cooperation between multinational companies, as well as public and private entities, is transforming global travel experiences…. Read More

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My Green Butler – smart and sustainable tourism accommodation

“How can we invite guests to actively participate to save resources whilst on holiday?” This is the focus of Christopher Warren’s research at Griffith Institute For Tourism. It has been a fascinating PhD with intriguing insights, and a commercial output in the form of My Green Butler Read More

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Rideshare bicycles in China

Smart AND Sustainable?

Coming back from a week in China where smart bicycles take over footpaths and people pay with their smartphone (see here for a recent backlash), I have  been wondering how we can use smart technology to accelerate the move towards more sustainable travel and tourism… Read More

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Eye-tracking technology

GIFT and Mantra Collaborate on Customer Experience Analysis

Researches at Griffith Institute for Tourism collaborated with marketing experts at Mantra Group to analyse the customer experience for visitors to the recently launched multi-brand website… Read More

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Developing sustainable tourism in eastern Indonesia

By 2030, the United Nations World Tourism Organization estimates there will be 535 million international tourists travelling to Asia and the Pacific, a 90 percent increase on 2015. This rapid growth in tourism, coupled with the region’s large population, calls for effective management of tourism development in order to protect communities and tourism resources. … Read More

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UNWTO Report – Managing growth and sustainable tourism governance in Asia and the Pacific

The United Nations World Tourism Organization and Griffith University released a report at the UNWTO General Assembly in Chengdu on Friday 15 September 2017 that estimates that by 2030 there will be 535 million international arrivals to Asia and the Pacific, a 90 percent increase on 2015… Read More

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A national approach to tourism research

If Australia is to stay ahead of the game and strive for the upper bound of the Tourism 2020 targets, industry, government and the research community must work together…Read More

How much carbon does cruise ship tourism emit?

The global cruise ship industry is growing faster than the rest of tourism. For over 20 years, the average annual passenger growth rate has been about 7%…Read More

Exponential Energy Transformation – where is Tourism?

Travel and Tourism is without a doubt one of the most successful and fastest changing industries. In many countries travel has now become such an integral component of life and business that many systems…Read More

Why the environment is more important for the Gold Coast than we think

Visitor numbers to the Gold Coast are increasing – but international tourists are staying shorter and are spending less. Domestic tourism is steady with various ups and downs, depending on the visitor…Read More

The Importance of Technology Enabled Services in the Travel Industry

The recent case of a United Airlines’ passenger being violently removed from a plane grew global attention to customer satisfaction in airlines, with modern technologies…Read More

Partnerships to create innovative tourist experiences – the role of research

All too often, research projects have a tendency to assess the impacts of a tourism development after it had occurred, rather than working with communities… Read More

Is the knowledge gap too wide to innovate sustainable tourist accommodation?

Is the knowledge gap too wide to innovate sustainable tourist accommodation? There is currently insufficient research to assist the transition for tourist accommodation to become… Read More

 Sustainable Tourism for Development: Launch of a Global Tourism Dashboard

The United Nations (UN) has declared 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. 2017 offers an opportunity to raise global awareness… Read More

DestinationQ: Industry partnership between the Queensland Government and the tourism sector

DestinationQ is the peak tourism industry partnership between the Queensland Government and the tourism sector. A forum is organised once a year and its current… Read More

Working together for sustainable tourism

The recent International Symposium on Sustainable Tourism held in Marrakech under the auspices of the UN Climate Change COP22 was an impressive demonstration of how the fight against global warming has the power to summon…Read More

The Next Stage of Sustainable Tourism – Measurement

Tourism is often associated with the positive impacts it brings to local communities and destinations. The Sustainable Tourism movement is now several decades old, and the aspiration is that all tourism eventually contributes to sustainable development…Read More