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At the Griffith Institute for Tourism our members engage in some of the world leading research. Want to know more about the areas of research Griffith Institute for Tourism is involved in? Check out our YouTube channel for short videos explaining key research areas our members are involved in

2019 Pitch it clever

Pitch it Clever is an annual competition from Universities Australia challenging early career researchers to communicate their research and why it matters to non-specialist audiences via video. University research has the power to enhance our economy, improve our societies and better the world. The challenge is to create a 1- to 2- minute video that clearly unpacks the research and how it can be applied.

Here is PhD researcher Emily Chen with her video submission: Tracking Social Media to Understand Chinese Tourists’ Travel Patterns in Australia


Celebrating World Tourism Day with innovative technology

To celebrate World Tourism Day on 27 September, Griffith University showcased some of the innovative work students and staff were doing at GIFT. This year’s theme was, ‘Tourism and the Digital Transformation’.

“Technology is increasingly important to tourism, making the guest experience more personalised and relevant, easier to purchase and more enjoyable and fun,” senior lecturer Dr Sarah Gardiner said. “I’m particularly impressed by some of the young Queensland innovators that are leading the way in tourism’s digital transformation globally.”

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 Smart Destinations  – UNWTO Conference 2018

An interview with Susanne Becken from the 2nd UNWTO World Conference on Smart Destinations, held in Oviedo (Asturias, Spain) and organised by the World Tourism Organization, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism of Spain and the Principality of Asturias.


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Conserving Resources – My Green Butler

This video came out of research by Christopher Warren, supervised by Prof Susanne Becken and A/Prof Alexandra Coghlan


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The Architecture of resilience: engaging with rural communities in Queensland

NESP  Science Day presentations – Great Barrier Reef projects

Carbon offsettingCarbon offsetting and aviation

Carbon offsetting will play an increasingly important role in the global Travel and Tourism
industry. However, despite the important contribution that offsetting can make, there is
considerable misunderstanding about what it is and what it can and cannot achieve.

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Carbon and tourism – where to next?

Prof Susanne Becken makes some observations on the last decade of work on climate change and tourism in a video presentation recorded for the World Travel Market Responsible Tourism Day, 6 November 2017. The panel to which the video contributed was entitled: The Major Environmental Challenges: Carbon & Water RTT, and chaired by Mr Christopher Warren, Crystal Creek Meadows, NSW, Australia.

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Attendees at  ZafigoX share their thoughts about this remarkable conference for, by and about women travelers.