Navigating the waters of visitor stats while avoiding the sharks!

GIFT Interim Director, Associate Professor Sarah Gardiner, presented her views on the future of visitor research statistics in this panel session on Tuesday 25 June… Read More

The pros and cons of Airbnb

The rise of Airbnb and other short-stay accommodation options is dividing tourist towns across Australia, with some arguing it creates healthy competition and boosts visitor… Read More

How to cut the Gordian knot of decarbonising tourism? 

Recently I published a paper on “Decarbonising tourism: Mission impossible?” in the journal Tourism Recreation Research. This article provides a brief synopsis of the key arguments made… Read More

Tourism: to grow or not to grow?

 Impressions from the Global Eco Conference 2018 in Townsville By Johanna Schliephack I was lucky to attend the Global Eco Conference in Townsville last week… Read More

What is attracting so many Chinese tourists to Queensland?

They are not particularly keen on relaxing on the beach with a beer. So what is attracting half a million Chinese tourists to Queensland each… Read More

Celebrating World Tourism Day with innovative technology

To celebrate World Tourism Day on 27 September, Griffith University showcased some of the innovative work students and staff were doing at GIFT. This year’s theme… Read More

The risks of solo female travel and how the industry can help

The risks of solo female travel and how the industry can help by Dr Elaine Yang and Dr Catheryn Khoo-Lattimore The… Read More

Big Data and Tourism

According to Forbes, 53% of companies are using big data analytics today, up from 17% in 2015, with Telecom and Financial Services industries the… Read More

Data collection from Rush Mela festival, Bangladesh

Shahida Khanom, a PhD candidate at GIFT, is conducting research on “Co-lingual hot authentication of intangible cultural heritage: the Rush Mela festival in the Bangladesh… Read More

The Third East West Dialogue on Tourism and the Chinese Dream

This dialogue celebrated the China-Australia Year of Tourism and also the UN Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. Therefore it was appropriate to focus on… Read More

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