CREATE-ing Pathways to Child Wellbeing 2020 Seminar Series


This CREATE webinar looks at a new professional learning program for school leaders interested in forming collaborations between school staff, families and community to strengthen primary school children’s wellbeing. It will describe eight, self-paced, online professional learning modules that include the most contemporary research on family-school community relationships, and expertise on children’s wellbeing.

At the heart of the professional learning program is a place-based, action research project designed, implemented and evaluated by a team of school leaders, staff, families and community, that responds to school-based data showing gaps in children’s wellbeing.

The rationale for this project is the knowledge that attempts to strength children’s wellbeing work better if schools work with families and community. The professional learning program is being tested currently at five Queensland sites.


Greer Johnson

Professor Greer Johnson has led a number of projects that focus on making life chances better for children from low income families. Since 2014 she has worked with Professor Bev Fluckiger in rural and remote Indigenous communities seeking to establish equitable and sustainable coalitions of families, schools and community members and organisations to support children’s wellbeing and engagement in learning.

Bev Flückiger

Professor Bev Flückiger’s research is focused on leadership in early childhood education and care to ensure that all children have the opportunity to engage in learning, exercise agency, and experience success. Currently, Bev is working with Professor Greer Johnson to promote family, school, and community leadership coalitions to improve the educational outcomes for disadvantaged children.

View a copy of the presentation slides here.