Jokowi’s visit shows the Australia-Indonesia relationship is strong, but faultlines remain

Indonesian President Joko Widodo – Jokowi – has shown himself to be generally less interested in international affairs than his predecessor, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY). Read More

Four reasons why the Indo-Pacific matters in 2020

If there is one place in the world that we need to keep our eyes on for a better understanding of the dynamics of international… Read More

It’s election year in Vanuatu…things could get interesting

TESS NEWTON CAIN  |  Into the already febrile political chatter of Port Vila in this election year came the announcement on Wednesday that… Read More

The difficulties and possibilities of the G20’s support of liberalism

Vladimir Putin’s claim that liberalism had “become obsolete” contrasts with the ways that liberalism continues to produce practical benefits enjoyed by many societies around the… Read More

Media repression in Melanesia

I was exceptionally fortunate to be invited to attend the recent Melanesia Media Freedom Forum at the Griffith University’s South Bank campus in Brisbane. Read More

Foreigners, fighting and phaleristics: Military medals in British Burma

ANDREW SELTH  | It has been said that a country’s culture is a window unto its soul. With this in mind, it has become… Read More

Aung San Suu Kyi: Why defend the indefensible?

ANDREW SELTH  | This week, the world was treated to an extraordinary sight. Aung San Suu Kyi, the Nobel Peace Prize winner once … Read More

China-ASEAN South China Sea Code of Conduct – Are we there yet?

In June this year the 35th ASEAN Summit delivered the release of ASEAN’s long-awaited Outlook on the Indo-Pacific. The Outlook provides a common script for… Read More

Reinterpreting Australia’s historic engagement with Asia

Commonwealth Responsibility and Cold War Solidarity (ANU Press, 2019) challenges the orthodoxy that genuine Australian engagement with Asia began only in the 1980s. In this… Read More

Assessing the state of the rule of law in South East Asia

The rule of law is a principle concerning the relationship between a government and its citizens. At the core of the rule of law is… Read More


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