Side effects: Covid-19 allows India a chance to lend Myanmar a hand

The Indian Air Force last week evacuated 112 people stranded in Wuhan, one of several operations by India to the the Chinese… Read More

Youth-led diplomacy: Big opportunity for big impact

ELISE STEPHENSON | After running seven delegations and facilitating 49 individual events as part of the Youth Entrepreneurs and Leaders Speaker… Read More

Weekly Pacific Bulletin

TESS NEWTON CAIN  |    Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands strengthen relations Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands have signed treaties to… Read More

The importance of media freedom as a foundation for democracy in the Pacific

Pacific nations are on the frontline not only of climate change impacts but also of competition between opposing super powers, like China and the U.S,… Read More

Weekly Pacific Bulletin

TESS NEWTON CAIN  |    Leaked details of a proposed ‘loan’ to Solomon Islands Details of what was proposed as a ‘loan’ to the… Read More

The long road home

Originally published by the Pacific Institute of Public Policy, this 2013 appreciation of Andy Ayamiseba’s life of activism in exile is one of the few… Read More

The obfuscation of human rights in the climate change discourse in the Pacific

The United Nations human rights committee, who heard the case between Teitiota v New Zealand  in January, obfuscated Teitiota’s argument on human rights when… Read More

Weekly Pacific Bulletin

TESS NEWTON CAIN  |    Horizon corruption scandal erupts in Australia and extends to PNG Horizon Oil is at the heart of a corruption… Read More

How to think of social media activism in Cambodia

In Cambodia, Facebook is social media. When it swept across Cambodia by the late 2000s, few analysts anticipated the social and political implications that would… Read More

Despite its Pacific ‘step-up’, Australia is still not listening to the region, new research shows

TESS NEWTON CAIN  |  The Australian government has spent the past year promoting its “Pacific step-up” as one of the country’s “highest… Read More


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