Emerging disease and emerging economies: The capacity of Pacific health systems in the face of COVID-19

How will Pacific Island and Territories respond to the global pandemic, Covid19. Read More

Regional wrap

The past fortnight drove home the rather surreal realisation that we’re living in unprecedented times. Never before, at least in the living memory of today’s… Read More

Weekly Pacific Bulletin

TESS NEWTON CAIN  |    COVID-19 reaches the Pacific COVID-19 is now present in the Pacific islands region. There are now dozens of confirmed… Read More

The ‘C’ word, burning elephants, post truth and how Pacific nations can lobby Australia’s position on climate change

With the elephant of climate change well and truly in the room and on fire in Australia, the Morrison Government is still shy to use… Read More

Australia-Philippines: Prolonged partners

Canberra and Manila can draw on what is approaching 75 years of diplomatic relations to respond to regional challenges and enhance cooperation. The announcement… Read More

Coronavirus fears and controversial passport sales: Vanuatu’s election explained

TESS NEWTON CAIN  |  Despite the fact there are no confirmed cases COVID-19 in Vanuatu so far, the fear is expected to present… Read More

Weekly Pacific Bulletin

Pacific countries brace for COVID-19 impacts Pacific countries are bracing for the impacts of COVID-19. The number of confirmed cases in the Pacific has… Read More

Weekly Pacific Bulletin

TESS NEWTON CAIN  |    Pacific countries dealing with COVID-19 Pacific island countries are continuing to deal with the impacts of COVID-19. Revised travel… Read More

Women’s workforce participation: A global agenda facing global challenge

CAITLIN BYRNE  |  Women’s participation in the workforce is a priority issue in the global agenda for women’s equality. With the rise of COVID-19,… Read More

When it comes to the Pacific the feeling is mutual: How do Australian diplomats and their academic counterparts see each other?

There are some moments which focus into sharp relief only months later. I experienced one of them after taking on a new role as… Read More


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