Part 3 | Indian Ocean Air Power: Consequences for Australia

Peter Layton turns his attention to the importance of Australian air power in the region. Though the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) is a small force, there is more to Australia’s potential contribution to the region than the aircraft it operates. Read More

Regional wrap

The past fortnight drove home the rather surreal realisation that we’re living in unprecedented times. Never before, at least in the living memory of today’s… Read More

Why gender matters in the impact recovery from Covid-19

Everything in our social world is gendered, and so it is with Covid-19. Read More

US and EU laws show Australia’s Right to Repair moment is well overdue

Australians are buying more and more gadgets and devices. Our homes and workplaces seemed to be filled with smart phones, drones, Fitbits, internet- connected fridges,… Read More

Keeping the Australian Defence Force in the climate-change fight

PETER LAYTON | A month on from my earlier post on bringing the Australian Defence Force into the global warming fight, a… Read More

Bringing the defence force into Australia’s climate-change fight

PETER LAYTON | It’s time to structure the Australian Defence Force for this long, hot century. That doesn’t mean making it better suited to… Read More

Australia’s F-35s: Lessons from a problematic purchase

PETER LAYTON | It suddenly seems the Air Force needs major recapitalisation, just as its force structure is being renewed at considerable… Read More

Hawke on foreign policy

The Hawke Government came to power in March 1983 during a turbulent period in international affairs. The world was… Read More


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