Helping AUKUS last the distance

PETER LAYTON  |  While defence matters usually receive limited meaningful public debate in Australia, the government will need to take a different approach if it… Read More

A tonne of fossil carbon isn’t the same as a tonne of new trees: Why offsets can’t save us

WESLEY MORGAN | This week, the Albanese government is attempting to reform the safeguard mechanism to try to make it actually cut emissions from our… Read More

Australia’s return to must-win wars

PETER LAYTON | It’s been a long time since Australia fought to win a war. Famed military historian David Horner has tied it down… Read More

Old inequalities, new space? Women, peace and space security

ELISE STEPHENSON AND CASSANDRA STEER | Senior US Space Force officials visiting Australia have warned that a conflict in space in the next few… Read More

Confident, competent, inconsistent: Australia’s strategic personality

IAN HALL | There is broad agreement that Australian diplomacy and defence policy need to change to meet the challenges posed by a more… Read More

Australia’s quest for an ‘impactful projection’ defence force

Australia’s latest Defence Strategic Review must effectively respond to a rapidly changing geopolitical environment. Australia’s new government is active on many fronts, including defence. Read More

Designing Australia’s next defence mobilisation

PETER LAYTON | The future is uncertain but not completely. A major certainty is that, as in earlier times, Australia will fight its future… Read More

Buying the wrong submarine

PETER LAYTON | Nuclear-powered attack submarines (SSNs) are technically incredible. They are akin to the Australian Navy’s conventionally powered Collins Class submarines but much faster,… Read More

Now, we begin: 10 simple ways to make Australia’s climate game truly next-level

WESLEY MORGAN | Australia last week moved to tackle the climate crisis when federal parliament passed Labor’s climate bill. But the new law is just… Read More

An Australian defence strategic review of limited ambition

PETER LAYTON | At a time when Australia’s geostrategic environment is worsening, the outlines of the country’s forthcoming defence review indicate that few changes… Read More


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