Return of the Rajapaksas: Sri Lanka elects Gotabaya Rajapaksa as its next President

On 17 November 2019, former Defence Chief and brother of the former two-time president Mahinda Rajapaksa, Gotabaya Rajapaksa won the Sri Lankan presidential election… Read More

Reinterpreting Australia’s historic engagement with Asia

Commonwealth Responsibility and Cold War Solidarity (ANU Press, 2019) challenges the orthodoxy that genuine Australian engagement with Asia began only in the 1980s. In this… Read More

Australia’s F-35s: Lessons from a problematic purchase

PETER LAYTON | It suddenly seems the Air Force needs major recapitalisation, just as its force structure is being renewed… Read More

Asia Pacific 2020 economic outlook

Australia’s Asia-Pacific neighbourhood has remained the main growth engine of the world economy this year, which also marks the thirtieth anniversary of the founding of… Read More

Griffith Asia Lecture 2019

Secretary General, Pacific Islands Forum, Dame Meg Taylor focused her lecture on the geopolitical and geostrategic issues of economy, security and climate change challenging the… Read More

Asia Future Fellows – Beijing program 2019

Twelve Griffith University students traveled to Beijing in October 2019 for the Asia Future Fellows program – a Griffith and Peking University annual global… Read More

Developing lifelong friendship and connections: 2019 Asia Future Fellows program

The Asia Future Fellows program is a unique and invaluable experience that brings together students from both Griffith University and Peking University to… Read More

Chile will not host APEC and COP-25 amidst social uprising

Chile’s refusal to host the APEC and COP-25 summits is indicative of wider systemic issues plaguing the Latin American country. On 30 October 2019, Chilean… Read More

India’s clever alliances with island states

IAN HALL | As India struggles to manage China’s economic and diplomatic influence in its immediate neighbourhood, it has recently made progress in… Read More

Assessing the state of the rule of law in South East Asia

The rule of law is a principle concerning the relationship between a government and its citizens. At the core of the rule of law is… Read More

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