Social mobilisation in a contested environment

PETER LAYTON | As geostrategic circumstances darken, there’s new interest in military mobilisation. For Australia, that involves moving the Australian Defence Force beyond its… Read More

Regional wrap

The events of the past fortnight have led Australians to again reflect on the extent of Chinese influence they’re ready to tolerate on their soil… Read More

The trouble in the air on a tense Tuesday in Northeast Asia

PETER LAYTON | The ruckus after South Korea fired warning shots at a nosy Russian spy plane marks a significant rise in tensions. Read More

Connecting the Spokes: Trade, investment and economic relations

The theme of this conference, Connecting the Spokes, implies a hub. In general terms, both the Philippines and Australia tend to view the US, perhaps… Read More

The Philippine policy of linking spokes together: A focus on the Philippine-Australian security partnership

In late May 2017, about 1,000 Islamic militants led by the Maute group and fighting under the black flag of Islamic Army of Syria and… Read More

Maritime security cooperation: The Philippine experience

With the heightened importance of maritime issues in the region coupled with strategic competition between the powers of the Indo-Pacific, the maritime domain has turned… Read More

Enhancing counterterrorism cooperation through transnational communities

Despite the extensive counter-terrorism efforts invested by states in the region, terrorism continues to be a key national security threat among states in the Indo-Pacific… Read More

Australia-Philippines security cooperation: The maritime dimension

IAN HALL | Since the start of Battle for Marawi, in late May 2017, attention has tended to focus on the development of… Read More

Entering the Goldilocks Zone? Strategic inertia and new opportunities in the Australia-Philippines relationship

In science it is noted that terrestrial planets are situated in the ‘Goldilocks zone’, that is the habitable or life zone in space where a… Read More

Philippine-Australian Relations: Connecting the Spokes

CAITLIN BYRNE  |  The Philippine-Australian relationship has a long history of bilateral cooperation. Since diplomatic relations were established in 1946 the two countries… Read More

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