Deepening regional cooperation on sustainable development and climate change

A delegation from Griffith Asia Institute traveled to Indonesia from 20-23 August 2019 to participate in the Dialogue on Deepening Regional Cooperation on Sustainable Development and… Read More

Can Scott Morrison deliver on climate change in Tuvalu – or is his Pacific ‘step up’ doomed?

TESS NEWTON CAIN  |  Last week’s Pacific Islands Forum comes at an important time in the overall trajectory of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s very… Read More

Narendra Modi’s nudge diplomacy

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech last week from the ramparts of the Red Fort in New Delhi to mark India’s Independence Day carefully delineated his… Read More

Can the Philippines and Australia elevate their partnership to a strategic level?

Human rights concerns may limit cooperation, but the cyber domain is an area for collaboration. Before his departure for Japan to attend the highly-anticipated… Read More

Implications of the US exit from the INF Treaty

The Trump administration’s withdrawal of the US from the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty earlier this month is the culmination of an extended period of shadow… Read More

Why did the Modi government take the risk of revoking Kashmir’s special status?

IAN HALL | On 5 August, Narendra Modi’s newly reelected government announced that it was revoking Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, which… Read More

Regional wrap

The past fortnight was marked by not one but two history-defining international events in different theatres of the Indo-Pacific: one in South Asia and the… Read More

Trilateral dialogue on leadership, partnership and ASEAN centrality in the Indo-Pacific

On 6 August 2019 the Griffith Asia Institute hosted the third Australia-Japan-India Trilateral with the generous support of Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the… Read More

Morrison’s moment of truth in the Pacific

WESLEY MORGAN | Can Australia’s prime minister convince the leaders of Pacific Island countries that he is serious… Read More

The China-Trump trade war has spread to Australia. We’re now at risk of global currency war

HUI FENG |  When US President Donald Trump announced via Twitter on Friday that he was slapping tariffs on an extra US$300 billion of… Read More

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