Enhancing the intercultural business capabilities of women entrepreneurs from India

DHARA SHAH AND MICHELLE BARKER | India is the fastest growing start-up ecosystem in the world, yet the presence of women within this… Read More

Everything but China is on the table during PNG prime minister’s visit

TESS NEWTON CAIN  |  Papua New Guinea Prime Minister James Marape is visiting Australia this week, his first overseas trip since he was… Read More

Monetary policy transmission in PNG

MARK OFOI, TARLOK SINGH, JEN-JE SU AND PARMENDRA SHARMA  | Literature on monetary policy transmission channels is vast—it is one… Read More

Regional wrap

We’re slowly but surely drifting towards an era of a new Cold War between the US and China and nowhere is it going to be… Read More

Building an Australian grand strategy

PETER LAYTON | Grand strategy is rarely mentioned in Australian defence debates. That’s unfortunate as it’s designed for use in solving complex problems when… Read More

On “legitimacy”: Trump, Kim, and US-North Korea summitry

Concerns of a PR coup for the DPRK underestimate how crucial leader-to-leader diplomacy really is. You could hear the complaints almost before Trump and Kim … Read More

Fair go mate: The changing language and practice of Australian values diplomacy in times of uncertainty and risk

Recent government statements suggesting that Australia’s national identity is grounded in liberal values goes beyond both the parochial and the alliance frameworks of earlier values… Read More

What a waste: The G20 and the plastic problem

MICHAEL HEAZLE | More plastic waste is choking the world’s oceans yet despite global declarations and commitments, nothing much… Read More

How mateship made way for freedom, democracy and rule of law

Australia’s diplomatic language has evolved during a period of instability and risk, but is practice following? Read More

Cambodia: The regime’s base survival instinct on display

A decision to reject a US offer to refurbish Ream Naval Base might hint at China’s influence but also domestic concerns. Read More

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