The unacceptable dangers of accepting a nuclear North Korea

MICHAEL HEAZLE | The crisis on the Korean Peninsula has for the first time introduced an element of confusion over the strategic goal pursued… Read More

Fifth-generation warfare: An evolving technical dimension of war

PETER LAYTON | For the Australian Defence Force’s Army, Navy and Air Force Chiefs, the future is ‘fifth generation.’ That being so, I recently wrote a paper… Read More

North Korea’s dangerously rudimentary nuclear command-and-control systems

Conventional wisdom tells us that because North Korea’s elites are rational actors, they will conclude that the benefits of employing nuclear weapons will be outweighed… Read More

Australia and Korea’s wars

ANDREW SELTH  | Griffith Asia Institute Adjunct Associate Professor, Dr Andrew Selth recently had the below article republished in the Lowy Interpreter. In light… Read More

Five fifth-generation warfare dilemmas

PETER LAYTON | The future of the ADF is ‘fifth generation’, or at least the Chiefs of … Read More

New developments in China’s financial regulation

HUI FENG | Beijing’s two-day closed door meeting on finance and regulation was concluded on 15 July 2017.  Dubbed the National Finance Work Conference,… Read More

Kim Jong-un’s Guam threat probes Trump’s North Korea credibility gap

President Trump’s dramatic intervention that nuclear threats from Pyongyang will be met with “fire and fury like the world has never seen” has been quickly matched… Read More

Australia–Philippines strategic relations: taking the long view

The Philippines is poised to become strategically more important to Australia, leading to opportunities for intensified defence cooperation. At a recent dialogue held in Manila… Read More

Five Eyes and the perils of an asymmetric alliance

Five Eyes is the oldest and most prominent intelligence alliance in the world. But does Australia’s membership in the alliance expose it to undue influence… Read More

Deepening the Australia-Philippines relationship

On Friday 21 July 2017, the Griffith Asia Institute was delighted to participate in an Australia-Philippines dialogue facilitated by the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) of the… Read More

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