Support for decentralisation and political Islam go together in Indonesia

Decentralized governance has been a key feature of Indonesian democratization. With the laws on regional autonomy (otonomi daerah) implemented in 2001, local governments acquired substantial… Read More

Meet the mastermind behind Xi Jinping’s power

The conclusion of the recent Communist Party congress in China has turned the world’s spotlight on a hitherto elusive figure, the 62-year-old scholar-turned-official, Wang Huning. Read More

Why India should be wary about celebrating its ranking in the latest ‘Doing Business’ report

YAN ISLAM | The much-noted flagship publication of the World Bank Doing Business (DB) was publicly unveiled recently. This became cause for celebration… Read More

The rise of #Xiplomacy and China’s strategic narrative

It’s been nearly two months since China’s official media agency Xinhua debuted #Xiplomacy on Twitter. Xinhua, with a weighty 11 million Twitter followers, initially… Read More

Achieving the China dream or facing a minsky moment: China after the 19th party congress

HUI FENG | While the 19th party congress confirmed President Xi Jinping’s grip of power at the top echelon of the political system, the newly… Read More

Diplomacy in the Indo-Pacific: The digital challenge

Griffith Asia Institute (GAI), in collaboration with the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), hosted the second annual Brisbane Roundtable on “Diplomacy… Read More

Reading between the lines of North Korea’s letter

PETER LAYTON | The Foreign Affairs Committee of the DPRK Supreme People’s Assembly has been busy sending open letters to various foreign parliaments. … Read More

Other peoples’ air power: Air superiority without fast jets

PETER LAYTON | Say ‘air superiority’ and people instinctively think of highly manoeuvrable aircraft, silk-scarfed fighter pilots, the Battle of Britain and perhaps Top… Read More

Professor Emeritus Russell Trood

Professor Emeritus Russell Trood first joined Griffith University in 1991. As Director of the Griffith Asia Institute from 2015-2016 and as Director of Griffith’s Centre… Read More

On a Trumpian track for the next Middle East war

PETER LAYTON | In some respects, US President Donald Trump and the Iranian theocratic regime deserve each other. Neither respect international agreements, except when it… Read More

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