Commentary: Trump’s Iran decision hurts chance of a North Korea deal

Donald Trump’s undermining of the Iran nuclear deal only shrinks US options for dealing with North Korea. The US president’s decertification of Tehran’s compliance will… Read More

Populism, globalisation and the failure of elites

MICHAEL HEAZLE AND JOHN KANE  | Sam Roggeveen argues that the real challenge to globalisation and openness and immigration is not cultural (popular prejudice… Read More

Belt and Road: The case for ‘wait and see’

IAN HALL | Nick Bisley is right to call for a clearer – and I would add more confident – Australian strategy towards China. But… Read More

India’s growth slowdown: Reflections of the Reserve Bank

YAN ISLAM | India’s recent growth slowdown has elicited a lively national discussion – see here, for example. It was reinforced by a scathing… Read More

Comparing development indicators: Revisiting the Sen-Dreze thesis of India’s ‘uncertain glory’

YAN ISLAM | In 2013, Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen and his co-author Jean Dreze published their treatise on India’s ‘uncertain glory’. They acknowledged that the… Read More

Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok: A showcase of Russia’s pivot to Asia?

The schedule of top-level international events in the Asia-Pacific is famously busy. To keep a finger on the pulse of the region, numerous politicians, businessmen,… Read More

Commercial drones: Privatising air power

PETER LAYTON | In irregular wars, the state has traditionally had a monopoly on the use of air power. This has now been overturned. With the… Read More

How to fix America’s North Korea strategic failures

PETER LAYTON | North Korea has the initiative. It is now firing rockets over the Japanese home islands and has seemingly tested a… Read More

The fallen idol: Aung San Suu Kyi and the politics of personality

ANDREW SELTH  | Myanmar studies have always attracted strong views. Particularly since 1988 there has been a history of polemics, biased reporting and emotive… Read More

Training program on water governance for Lao officials

ANDREA HAEFNER | During September, fifteen Lao nationals from the Faculty of Water Resources, National University of Laos and the Department of Water… Read More

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