Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road: A potent symbol of change

COLIN MACKERRAS | At a time when globalisation from the West appears to be in retreat, the Belt and Road Initiative is a potent… Read More

How deep is Australia’s foreign policy bipartisanship?

In the flurry of commentary about Australia’s latest Foreign Policy White Paper there has been some talk on the apparent bipartisan support that the document… Read More

Free trade with Chinese characteristics: Let the buyer beware

PETER LAYTON | Canada will seek a free trade agreement with China – only the timing is uncertain. Integrating with the world’s largest economy… Read More

Indonesian voting behaviour beyond Jakarta

The recent gubernatorial elections in Jakarta have generated vigorous debate about the state of democracy in Indonesia. Many observers have commented on the rise of … Read More

Establish amazing connections

The Asia Future Fellows program is an annual program designed to offer students from Griffith University and Peking University an opportunity to enrich their studies… Read More

Casting a shadow of doubt on international election monitoring norms

In August 2017, Rwandan President Paul Kagame won re-election with 98.79 percent of the vote. Underlying this landslide victory was a “pattern… Read More

Other peoples’ air power: Air power with Chinese characteristics

PETER LAYTON | Peter Layton’s series on other peoples’ air power has included an examination of Islamic State’s use of unmanned aircraft and the employment… Read More

Griffith Asia Institute China experts on the Foreign Policy White Paper

HUI FENG | Why Australia’s China policy in the White Paper is misleading The recently released Australian Foreign Policy White Paper (WP) aimed to… Read More

India in Australia’s evolving Indo-Pacific outlook

IAN HALL | Few differences between the 2003 Foreign Policy White Paper and the 2017 version are as stark as the treatment of India. Read More

Treading a fine line between voicing concerns and building bridges with China

Even a cursory reading reveals a number of noteworthy aspects of the newly released White Paper. First, compared with the previous two white papers on… Read More

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